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Pregnant Woman Rescued From Snake’s Coils

Thu., Aug. 22, 1996

Paramedics sawed off the head of a family’s pet python Wednesday after the 9-foot snake coiled itself around a pregnant woman’s stomach and entangled her husband as well.

Mary Anne Carter, who is eight months pregnant, woke up about 10 a.m. to find Calena, a Burmese python, wrapped around her stomach and biting her buttocks, said police spokesman Bill Robinson.

Her husband, Brad, tried to free her using a small knife, but he too became ensnared.

“It totally locked up the right side of my body,” Brad Carter said.

Then a neighbor joined in. No luck.

“We used a crowbar to try to get its mouth off her. We had a good 15 minute struggle. It was two grown men and we weren’t getting nowhere with it.”

Paramedics were summoned, and they finally used a hacksaw to remove the animal’s head and release its grip, Robinson said.

Mary Anne Carter declined medical treatment on the scene, although her husband said she was later checked out by a doctor. Tests were scheduled for today to determine if the snake bite affected her baby, he said.

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