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Police Don’t Get Joke Of Ski Mask At Bank

Sat., Dec. 28, 1996

Timothy White was joking when he put on a ski mask at his bank’s drive-through window, pointed a comb at the teller and demanded money.

The Mellon Bank teller knew that White, a friend and well-established prankster, was jesting.

But a passer-by in another car wasn’t in on the joke. She believed a real robbery was in progress - and dialed 911.

Within minutes, five police cars swarmed the bank. Now White, 26, who works at a balloon and costume company and moonlights as a comedian, has been charged with disorderly conduct. He could face a fine of up to $300.

A regular bank customer, White is known by all the tellers for his balloon-covered van and his jokes.

On Monday, when White was cashing his paycheck, he chatted with the teller at the drive-through window and put on the mask after she turned away from him.

When she turned around, “She looked at me and her eyes got real big and then she laughed,” White said.

“You have to understand our relationship. It wasn’t even like I went there to do this prank,” White said. “But every time I go to the bank, they want me to be funny.”

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