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Man Dies Killing Daughter’s Harasser

The judge’s order to ex-cop Robert Selman was clear: Stay away from Officer Jill Bender or go to jail for harassment.

Her father, Paul Bender, however, wasn’t satisfied. On Thursday, he administered his own justice.

After breaking down the door of Selman’s apartment and pumping six shots into his head, the 60-year-old man fled - and died from a heart attack.

Selman, 24, once worked at the same Brooklyn precinct as Bender, 27. But he was fired last month for refusing to return to work after taking several weeks off to recover from a car accident.

Bender filed a complaint that accused Selman of repeatedly calling her home - sometimes hanging up, sometimes playing music into her answering machine - and standing outside and staring into her windows.

On Sunday, Selman was arrested on harassment charges for incidents dating to Dec. 7. A judge released Selman without bail on condition that he not go near Bender, with whom he apparently never had a romance.

Police didn’t know whether Selman obeyed the order.

On Thursday, Bender’s father, a retired city worker, armed himself with a pistol and burst into Selman’s basement apartment in Brooklyn. The men argued. Bender emptied his gun into Selman’s head. He ran and collapsed on the street seven blocks away.

Police responded first to a report of gunfire and found Selman. A second call alerted them to Bender, collapsed on the pavement.

Officers arrived as the dying man was being put into an ambulance. Paramedics produced a white plastic bag found at his side.

It contained a revolver with six spent shells in the chamber.

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