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Night of the living road kill

When Nebraska assistant Dan Young, who coaches the Cornhuskers’ kickers, drove to rural Battle Creek to scout a high school game, it became a trip he wouldn’t forget.

On his return to Lincoln, he hit a Black Angus bull that had ambled into the middle of the road. About 20 miles later, he swerved to miss a couple of deer that bolted into his path.

“About 30 miles later, I hit a skunk,” Young said. “I went into my garage the next morning and thought the skunk was still in my car. Whew, did it stink.”

His travails continued into Saturday, when the Huskers missed two field-goal attempts and had a punt blocked in a 49-0 romp over Baylor. And before that, his wife parked their car in an off-limits lot.

Their stinking vehicle was towed.

Remember, his book was titled ‘Giant Steps’

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hopped a fence at a prep football game and balked at paying the $5 admission, according an official at a Pasadena high school.

Lorin Pullman, a spokeswoman for Abdul-Jabbar, acknowledged the former UCLA and Los Angeles Lakers star scaled the fence, but said he “wasn’t trying to get out of anything” and claimed Abdul-Jabbar’s father paid the admission charge.

Pullman said Abdul-Jabbar drove around the field and did not see anyone at an open gate.

“So he drove around the field and parked his car on the side where the Brentwood people are,” she said. “He didn’t want to walk all the way around and hopped the gate, but not to avoid anything.”

The incident took place at a game between Pasadena’s Marshall Fundamental School and the Brentwood School. Abdul-Jabbar’s son, Amir, plays for Brentwood.

Abdul-Jabbar was with a group of Brentwood parents outside the football field, when, according to Jennifer Sevilla, Marshall’s dean of students, several climbed over a fence despite a public-address announcement asking them not to do so.

The school bookkeeper approached the former player in the stands, and Abdul-Jabbar reportedly told him “I don’t have to pay.”

Then he said, “You must have me confused with someone else. I’m Roger Murdock, the co-pilot.”

Because the hits just kept on a-comin’

When Yankees pitcher Kenny Rogers was yanked in the third inning of an ALCS game against the Orioles, the Camden Yards public address system played, “You Picked a Fine Time To Leave Me, Lucille.”

How many Zs in that name?

Atlanta’s new baseball stadium will bear the name Ted Turner Field, which prompted an Atlanta newspaper reader to complain: “The only thing I’ve ever seen Ted Turner do at a baseball game is sleep.”

The last word …

It’s real clear. It’s not like: ‘Did you write a good column or a bad column?’ This was a column that people burned.”

- Husky football coach Jim Lambright, using a journalism analogy to describe his team’s 54-20 whipping at Notre Dame

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