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Burglars Even Stole His Rottweiler Guard Dog

Bill Farrell has a message for burglars who have struck his home three times in the past four months.

“QUIT ROBBING ME,” says a 3-by-4-foot sign on his front lawn. “ALL GONE.”

They’ve taken his computer, a couple of VCRs, tools, watches and other property, worth about $20,000 in all. A brawny Rottweiler didn’t scare away the burglars - the dog was stolen too.

Somebody even made off with the business card of a police officer who investigated one of the first burglaries.

Hence, the sign.

“Maybe it’ll do some good, if (burglars) can read,” said Farrell, 51. “It was the only thing I could think of doing - just let ‘em know there’s really nothing left to steal.”

Police have no suspects, but Farrell said he thinks gang members in the neighborhood may be responsible.

Farrell has started sleeping with a gun, takes his remaining VCR with him when he goes out and rents a storage unit to stash other items.

“I’m afraid to leave my house, because I never know what I’m going to come home to. You don’t know what these guys are going to do.”

He’s also installed bars over his windows and is putting in steel doors, new locks and motion-activated lights.

“All you can do is move or live in a prison,” Farrell said.