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Counties Extend Filing Deadlines After Candidate Drought

Much of Springdale’s population seems to want to be mayor, but many other elected offices in rural northeastern Washington went begging or drew only one candidate during last week’s filing period.

County auditors will conduct special three-day extended filing periods for offices that drew no candidates. Those include numerous positions for fire, sewer, water, hospital, cemetery and park districts as well as municipal offices.

The special filing periods will be Wednesday through Friday in Stevens and Pend Oreille counties; Aug. 8, 11 and 12 in Ferry County; and Aug. 11-13 in Lincoln County. No dates have been set for Whitman County.

Here are the positions up for election and the candidates in cities and towns in those counties:

Stevens County

Colville: Council Ward 3 Position 6, Richard Nichols; Council at Large, Jeffrey Pitts.

Chewelah: Mayor, Ronald McCoy, Lewis Arnold and Gloria Davidson; Council Position 1, Sharon Ludwig; Council 2, Donna Terry; Council 3, Jewel Zeihen; Council 4, John Polm, Jr.; Council 6, Chalmer Jones, Eugene DuCharme; Council at Large, H. Clarence Bauman.

Kettle Falls: Mayor, Jerry Davis, Linda Lewis; Council Position 1, Steven West, Marcia Dilley; Council 2, Angus Williams, Hazel Bruneau; Council 3, Ann Anderson; Council 4, Beverly Edwards, R. Brian Henderson; Council 5, Karen Frostad.

Marcus: Mayor, Adygene DePaulo; Council Position 1, William Courtis; Council 3, Helen Hysom; Council 4, Eric Svare.

Northport: Mayor, Ollie Mae Wilson; Council Position 3, Marge Day; Council 5, Raymond Sell.

Springdale: Mayor, Joseph “Bud” Brown, Floyd Pope, Daniel Hite, Lonnie Anderson and James Sullivan; Council Position 1, Maggie May; Council 2, Stephen Gluth, Evelyn Harms and John Harris; Council 3, Francis Brown, Vickie Denman and Lowell Peterson.

Pend Oreille County

Newport: Mayor, Dena R. Opp; Council Position 1, James Kolthoff, Wayne Antcliff; Council 2, Patti Remick and Dennis Decker.

Cusick: Mayor, Paul Haas; Council Position 1, Bonnie Rogers; Council 2, Laura Heise. Ione: Mayor, Arlen Baker and Cindy Thompson; Council Position 1, James Warren; Council 2, Michael Pichette.

Metaline: Mayor, Walter Caravan; Council Position 1, Kelly Curtiss; Council 2, no filings; Council 3, no filings; Council 4, Trenton Hanson.

Metaline Falls: Mayor, Lee “Teen” McGowan; Council Position 1, Susan Huntley; Council 2, Jane Reed.

Lincoln County

Davenport: Council 3, Jeffrey Wilkie; Council 4, Michael E. Sullivan; Council 5, Mike Stormo; Council at Large, James Allison and Eleanor L. MacDonald; Council 6, Denise M. Hayes.

Harrington: Council Position 1, Richard Becker; Council 2, Paul Gilliland; Treasurer, Mary Alice Warwick.

Sprague: Mayor, Evalyn Tabor; Council Position 1, Rick Hess and Arthur Boutain; Council 2, Irene Murphy; Council 3, Jeffrey L. Smith; Council 4, E. W. Vold; Council 5, Connie R. McGrath.

Almira: Council Position 1, Einar Larson; Council 3, Mary Ellen Combs; Council 4, Peggy Reifsnyder; Council 5, Donnie Havelick.

Creston: Mayor, Larry Haydon; Council Position 2, Susan Starkey; Council 3, no filings; Council 5, Diana Glover-McKenzie.

Odessa: Council Position 3, Samuel F. Braun; Council 4, Vaughn Hunt, Rebecca J. Kolterman and Thomas Clavel.

Reardan: Mayor, Wayne Hill; Council 3, Virginia M. Henderson and Michael J. Murphy; Council 5, Robert Stuhlmiller.

Wilbur: Council Position 1, Thelma Calkins; Council 2, Walter Goddard and Don Rolfe.

Ferry County

Republic: Council 5, Linda Hall and D.C. “Jack” McManigal.

Whitman County

Albion: Council 3, Kevin Emerson; Council 4, Anna-Maria Shannon; Council 5, Dan Emerson.

Colfax: Council Position 1, Tom Miller and Bill Luft; Council 2, Steven Holberg and Donald Henderson; Council 3, William Hubbard and Virgil Hatley; Council 4, Lloyd Nelson and Harold Herman.

Colton: Mayor, no filings; Council Position 1, Greg Eylar; Council 2, Ronald Dahmen.

Endicott: Mayor, Larry Persons and Randall Schmick; Council Position 3, E. Clifton Workman; Council 4, Eldon Leinweber and Brian “B.J.” Johnson.

Farmington: Mayor, Royce Johnson and Blaise Anderson; Council Position 1, no filings; Council 2, Ralph Thompson and David Baker; Council 3, Anne Brown; Council 4, Rose Anderson.

Garfield: Mayor, Greg Partch and Cheryle Curtis; Council Position 3, Donna Poire and Warren Neal; Council 4, Anna Million, Richard Leinweber and Jack Doebler; Council 5, Laura Redmon and Randy Pinter.

Lacrosse: Mayor, Dallas Filan and Don Dorman; Council Position 3, no filings; Council 4, no filings; Council 5, no filings.

Lamont: Mayor, Tom Pedersen; Council Position 1, Dwain Green; Council 2, no filings; Council 3, Juanita Polda; Council 4, no filings.

Malden: Mayor, Gary VanDyke and Ray Deonier; Council Position 1, no filings; Council 2, Meta Overmier; Council 3, no filings; Council 4, Roger Huff; Council 5, Gerald Becker.

Oakesdale: Mayor, Thomas Zornes; Council 3, Gordon Gardner Sr.; Council 4, Edward Reed; Council 5, Ricky Faultner and Kenneth Niles.

Palouse: Council Position 1, Ron Rosebrook and John Sell; Council 2, John Gearhart; Council 3, Sandee Starr; Council 4, David Willmore; Council 7, Michael Echanove.

Pullman: Ward 1 Position 7, Floyd Larson and Micki Archuleta; Ward 2 Position 1, Sue Hinz and Travis Beard; Ward 2 Position 2, Alison McLeod and Edward Prince; Ward 3 Position 5, Thomas Sanders.

Rosalia: Mayor, Don Baird and Dennis Peters; Council Position 1, Bob Cole; Council 3, Glenn Edgemon; Council 4, Daniel Hattenburg; Council 5, Karen Rockness.

St. John: Council Position 3, no filings; Council 4, no filings; Council 5, no filings.

Tekoa: Council Position 1, Jay Currier and Scott Kern; Council 4, Dianne Perrins; Council 6, Gerald Winn.

Uniontown: Mayor, John Jacobs and Peter Holland; Council Position 4, Arnold Jutte; Council 5, George Dennler.

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