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Mon., Dec. 29, 1997

‘Scream 2’

The stars: Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette

The plot: The characters who survived in the original “Scream” are back two years later fearing the carnage is starting again.


I wouldn’t classify “Scream 2” as horror but rather as bloody humor, REALLY bloody humor. I found it very predictable and had the killers pegged early in the film. I know I shouldn’t expect much from the same screenwriter who brought us “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” but with Wes Craven directing, I couldn’t help but hope for a good, scary movie.

By far the best scenes were those with David Arquette, who plays the Barney Fife-ish police officer who lets his insults fly like a comedic pro. Unfortunately he is put out of action rather early and the only laughs available are through the sheer stupidity of the killers.

This film had some good points, but I would wait until the economy hour to see it.

Grade: B-


Speaking as one of the three people in the United States who never saw the original “Scream,” I must say that this was the most entertaining horror flick I’ve ever seen.

Is “Scream 2” the scariest movie I’ve ever seen? No. But here’s why I liked it: When I watch a horror film I’m either scared or I’m not. I was scared.

Another good aspect of this sequel was that it was a continuation of the same story rather than a “Home Alone”-like sequel where I found myself wondering, “How do these people keep finding themselves in the same exact, ridiculous situation?” I don’t like watching the same movie over and over.

I’m told that “Scream 2” differs from the original in that there was much more action and killing. Killing is a good thing, right?

Overall, “Scream 2” is worth the cost of admission because it is as scary as its promotional trailers make it seem.

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