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THURSDAY, JAN. 16, 1997

When John Happy III hopped on the Internet, he got to thinking of a way to spread word about the housekeeping business he and his wife, Theresa, run.

Together, the Happy couple operate Amaculate Housekeeping and Immaculate Janitorial in Spokane, two companies that are part of their Happy to Serve You Inc.

“The seed idea was to advertise our businesses on the Net,” said Happy. “But there really isn’t any money in just advertising your business on the web. So I decided to help other cleaning services advertise their businesses and to help shoppers find those services.”

He’s been busy designing and revising the website - complete with three foreign languages - for four months.

Happy’s goal is to list every housekeeping, janitorial, maid and butler service in the world by name and telephone number. The service is free except when a cleaning business wants to advertise on the site or when the business wants more than a simple listing.

Advertising prices start at $180 for 30 days. That doesn’t include the ad’s design. To run a classified ad, prices start at $7.50 for 100 words. There’s also a set-up fee of $15.

“I hope that this becomes a cool place to go,” he said. “A place for people to go to see what products are good to do what. Like cleaning hardwood floors, shower doors.”

Included on the site is a survey for people to recommend the best cleaning products for different tasks.

The website address is http://www.housekeeping.com

New eatery opens

The Valley’s first Schlotzsky’s Deli opens today on Sullivan Road.

Owner Larry Smith said the specialty sandwich, salad and pizza shop’s motto - “the best buns in town” - describes the bread used to make the sandwiches. It’s baked fresh daily on site.

The restaurant at 901 N. Sullivan will seat 50 people and will have a drive-through window. Approximately 34 people will fill full- and part-time positions, Smith said.

The 2,400-square foot eatery is Spokane’s third Schlotzsky’s Deli. Smith said he intends to open more Schlotzsky’s restaurants in the area in the near future.

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