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Lake City Voters, Keep Incumbents

Wed., Oct. 29, 1997

Coeur d’Alene is better off today than it was four years ago.

The city has reconstructed three major streets, tripled the money it spends on road repair, dramatically expanded the parks system, computerized City Hall - and kept taxes below the 1990 level.

Now, three people largely responsible for the progressive government that has enabled Coeur d’Alene to keep pace with growth are seeking re-election: Mayor Al Hassell, Council President Nancy Sue Wallace and Councilwoman Sue Servick. We endorsed Hassell on Sunday. With equal enthusiasm, we endorse Wallace and Servick today.

Our choice for a third council vacancy, however, isn’t as easy. Each of the remaining candidates are untested and have at least one serious flaw. Still, we give a slight nod to Sanders Beach resident Hank Roseth.

Wallace and Servick were appointed to the City Council, initially, and both are involved in downtown economic renewal, one of the top issues facing Coeur d’Alene today. Wallace co-chairs the Lake City Coalition, which is working to help retail business.

Since arriving on the council in 1991, Wallace has evolved from a bubbly community activist into a respected civic leader. She’d like to see the city spruce up streets and “go beyond the basics” by encouraging such projects as the Fort Sherman Playground.

Servick brings a sharp legal mind to the council. She’s a former public defender who believes in efficient city government and citizen involvement in government decisions. She’s also fiercely independent.

Hank Roseth receives our endorsement because he’s committed to solving the ongoing Sanders Beach controversy. Someone has to be. An East Lakeshore Drive property owner, he believes the city can preserve the beach for public access through tax breaks and by using money from national foundations to buy land or easements. However, we’re bothered that he would consider converting McEuen Field for commercial use.

Of the remaining candidates, Deanna Goodlander didn’t bother to show up for her editorial board interview. Stan Smith adamantly opposes city help to save downtown Coeur d’Alene.

Manny Olvera shows promise but hasn’t lived in Coeur d’Alene long enough.

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