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While The City Sleeps

Mon., March 9, 1998

I had a good feeling about “Dark City” the first time I saw trailers, and the film lived up to and surpassed all of my expectations.

“Dark City” is the latest directing achievement of Alex Proyas, famous for his work on “The Crow.”

“Dark City” is the tale of an alien species called the Strangers who come to Earth to find the secret of immortality.

They abduct a city full of people and implant them with new memories at midnight every night.

All goes well until one day John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell) wakes up while he is being imprinted with new memories.

Murdoch also discovers that he has the same special power that allow the Strangers to rearrange the city.

Proyas did a magnificent job in making the atmosphere as dark and as deadly as possible. Proyas made the Strangers seem heartless and cold while at the same time making them seem weak and human.

This film was relatively low on action but was extremely suspenseful. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Grade: A


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