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Questions for a reporter in search of the bare facts

Mon., July 2, 2007

It’s not as unusual to encounter nekkid people today as it was in 1970 when “Candid Camera” producer Allen Funt earned an X rating from movie industry watchdogs for his film “What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?” In the documentary, Funt shows how people react when they unexpectedly encounter a naked woman. Melissa Pamer, a Spokesman-Review intern via the University of Southern California, expects to encounter nekkid women today. And men. And mebbe children. She’s been assigned to report on the new nudist camp near Worley – Sun Meadow Resort. I mentioned that to my Huckleberries Online readers Friday. Tongues firmly cheeked, they offered a variety of questions that she could use today in her interviews: “How much sunscreen do you use, and does it go, you know, everywhere?” contributed Northerner. “Where do you put your cell phone?” – proffered Gary. Others suggested: “How do you guys sleep at night? You know, with all those full moons, it must be bright” – Cabbage Boy. “Boxers or briefs” – BrodH20. Some legitimate questions were mixed in with the har-hars: “How long does it take for the clothed person to get at ease enough to hold a normal conversation with you?” – Cis. “Ever invited a colleague to come along?” and “Who’s the most unexpected person you’ve ever met here?” – both from Pia. My question? You really want to know how I can tell that you’re cold?


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