July 23, 2007 in Idaho

Missing blow-up doll just scratches surface at Cruisers

D.f. Oliveria spokesmanreview.com/blogs/hbo

A simple question prompted wholesale finger-pointing at Huckleberries Online last week. After colleague Taryn Brodwater forwarded the newsletter from Cruisers tavern at Stateline, I asked my readers if they knew something about the missing blow-up doll that was taken from a biker’s saddlebags. Seems the biker planned to give the doll to a galpal as a birthday surprise. The newsletter provided the description: “Male midget blow-up doll. Deflated. Possibly in a plastic bag. Chest hair, goatee, scar on face, tattoo of ‘DAVEY’ on arm, ‘property of’ patch on his back.” An additional clue was provided. The doll was last seen on “Ty’s” back. The “all points bulletin” from Cruisers concluded with the offer of a reward: “a free beer and a reunion with Laura.” No questions asked. Obviously, the victim of this theft would like to have the doll back for Mini Sturgis 2007 at the bar Saturday and Sunday. A blow-up doll might come in handy for the various games and contests, including: Toilet Seat Dice, Bobbin For Pigs Parts, Biker Tire Hurl, Who’s Your Daddy? Frozen T-Shirt Contest, What Do Your Pipes Sound Like? Best Butt Crack and Nicest Cleavage. A highlight of the third annual event will be a bike ride through the bar. The rules are pretty simple, too: “Don’t annoy anyone. Don’t fight. Don’t shoot anyone.” Also: “Don’t forget your birthday suit.” A Cruisers PAR-tee obviously isn’t your average cake-and-ice-cream affair.

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