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Weather Extremes

For the week of Nov. 1, an impressive 234 weather records were broken across the United States. There were 141 high-temperature records tied or broken; 10 low-temperature extremes; and 24 snowfall records. The rest were low-maximum and high-minimum temperature extremes.

The warmest reading was at Organ Pipe National Monument in Arizona with a high of 90 degrees Nov. 18. Tucson hit 88 degrees Nov. 19. Nebraska and Kansas had readings in the upper 70s and low 80s Nov. 19.

Russell, Kan., reported a record high of 83 on Nov. 19; less than three days later, Russell plunged to a record-tying 11 degrees. On Nov. 19, Amarillo, Texas, had a record high 82. On Saturday, Amarillo reported 0.8 inches of snow and El Paso, Texas, had 4 inches. In Beaumont, Texas, on Saturday, a record 3.37 inches of rain was reported. On Nov. 18 Yakima had a record 0.73 inches of rain.

On Nov. 22, Laramie, Wyo., dropped to a record minus 10 degrees and Randolph, Utah, recorded a record minus 6.


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