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Make passwords easy and safe

How do I …. easily save my various online passwords?

Roughly two-thirds of online users always use the exact same password wherever they go, just to simplify the whole login problem. But that’s not the right way to manage the password challenge; it exposes you to possible identity theft and other mayhem.

You need to vary your passwords and the best bet is to use software that collects and manages them for you.

Out of many options in that category, there are two solid choices: RoboForm and KeePass Password Safe.

RoboForm (available at comes in either the free version or the $20 licensed version.

The free version allows about 10 passwords without registration. The licensed version allows unlimited passwords plus lots of other features.

For cheapskates, the choice is KeePass Password Safe (available at It does many of the basic features RoboForm does, but without the customization and backup options.


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