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Tue., Oct. 30, 2007

Admiring from a distance

A casual peek into a neighbor’s home can often inspire a decorating idea.

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Beauty goes a long way

At 60-plus years old, Roseville vase proves to be a valuable collectible.

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New generation of cooks

Foodies are upgrading their kitchens, which is good news for restaurant supply houses.

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Room for holiday cheer

Child’s toy chest and bench is easy to build and makes a great storage area.

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Halloween is serious business

Spokane man makes the most of his pumpkin-carving talent.

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Enjoy the last blooms

It’s nearly time to winterize the rose beds, so admire the beauty while you can.

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Hold off on the pruning

If a young shrub is blocking your view, it’s best to postpone trimming until spring.

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Feed at your own risk

If you plan to leave food for wildlife, make sure you understand the consequences.

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Mark your calendars

Check our comprehensive lists for holiday bazaars, home and garden.

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