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Genius check: Answers to July Fourth quiz

1) c. Independence was declared July 2, 1776. The wording of the declaration was accepted on July 4, and it wasn’t signed until August.

2) d. Colonists actually complained that the king had restricted immigration and had laws that didn’t allow foreigners to become citizens.

3) b. George III

4) b. Those are Patrick Henry’s words, from a speech in March 1775.

5) c. The Liberty Bell wasn’t even called the Liberty Bell until decades later.

6) d. Vermont was not a colony, it was territory claimed by both New York and New Hampshire.

7) c. Francis Hopkinson, or at least Congress thought so when they paid his bill in 1780. Almost nothing about the Betsy Ross legend is true.

8) b. Washington was not in Philadelphia for the Continental Congress; he was with the army in New York.

9) c. Revere was captured by the British and never made it to Concord; William Dawes and Samuel Prescott made it through.

10) d. Designed and built in Paris, taken apart and shipped to the United States.

11) a. During the War of 1812.

12) a. Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe were all Virginians.

13) b. Jefferson was Adams’ veep, although they were of different political parties and didn’t much like each other.

9-13 correct: You might be channeling George Washington.

5-8 correct: You might be channeling George Jetson.

0-3 correct: You might be channeling George III.


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