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‘Madness’ embraced

Thank goodness Jud Heathcote fostered March Madness.

My madness love began in 1988 when the Shadle girls clinched the state title, followed by the Mead girls’ glory days of the ’90s.

As the No. 1 fan, I baked cookies for girls and boys teams, including Adam Morrison’s. When the players graduated, my madness followed Adam to GU. Later, with my grandson’s March birth, I sneaked away to watch playoffs during birthday celebrations.

Another time I negotiated cruise ship TV time to watch Adam in the NCAA playoffs while sailing the Mexican Riviera.

By winning the 2007 office bracketology, I obtained a coveted basketball signed by the GU team.

I’ve listened to games from a home phone while on out-of-town business trips. This year I purchased a friend’s extra tickets for the second-round playoff game before the Zags beat Akron. While cheering against WKU, I did my share of praying because, yes, madness gives much needed relief from the economic downturn. I wanted the basketball ray of sunshine and distraction a bit longer for Spokane fans.

Until the final buzzer blows on the men’s and women’s games, I’ll still be here, cheering and reveling in it all.

Thanks, Jud, for March Madness.

Rosalie Nourse