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Let Armstrong race

It’s not just about a bike race.

Upon returning to his rented home in France on March 17 after training, Lance Armstrong was most likely eager for a shower. Instead, he was greeted by a French drug tester for his 24th surprise test (all negative) since he announced he was returning to racing last September.

Armstrong states: “He asked the tester for permission to go inside and it was granted.” After samples were collected, the tester wrote “no” on the paperwork that asks if anything unusual occurred during the test.

The Tour de France without Armstrong is not an event I will watch.

This situation appears to be a vendetta, and I for one am tired of it.

“The comeback has been important for two main reasons: I have a passion for cycling still, but more importantly I have a passion for the global fight against cancer,” Armstrong said.

The Tour is, in part, a kickoff for his global campaign.

Cancer is an epidemic, a machine of killing and destruction, and we desperately need his fight. If he is racing in part to stoke the fire in a global fight against cancer, for God’s sake, he’s clean, let him race.

Melanie Morlan