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Sun., Aug. 2, 2009

Floating a laugh with boat names

OUTFIELD – Here’s a list of the funniest names boat owners have registered for their vessels in 2009, as compiled by editors of Boat U.S. magazine.

1. What College Fund?

2. Stocks-N-Blonds.

3. Anchor Management.

4. Sweet Em-Ocean.

5. Knotty Buoy.

6. Reel-e-Fish-ent.

7. A-Frayed Knot.

8. O-Sea-D.

9. A-Loan-Again.

10. Really Big Car.

 That’s right: “Wet Dream” did not make the list this year.

Tips for trekking in grizzly country

OUTLIVE – The late-spring grizzly attack on a jogger in Glacier National Park triggered some reaction by grizzly experts.

 “Running on trails and traveling alone in grizzly bear country is not recommended,” park officials said in a release.

 They noted “an increasing number of injuries and fatalities nationwide due to runners surprising bears at close range.”

 Here are precautions to heed when hiking where the grizzly roams:

•Don’t travel alone.

•Don’t travel after dark.

•Make loud, reoccurring noise when hiking, especially near streams, brushy areas, hilltops and blind curves.

•Keep children close by and within sight.

•Be observant and alert for evidence of bears and mountain lions.

•Carry pepper spray and attach it to a pack strap for immediate use.

Women target outdoor skills

OUTCLASS – Women with an yen for hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits can get as start at the 12th annual Washington Outdoor Women camp, Sept. 18-20 at Camp River Ranch in Carnation, Wash.

 The Washington Wildlife Federation provides 36 instructors to help women connect or reconnect with a wide range of activities, including outdoor photography, map and compass, kayaking, cooking wild game and more.

Cost: $235 includes lodging, meals and use of equipment.

Info: (425) 455-1986; www.washington

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