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Mora gets down and dirty with line

RENTON, Wash. – For now, the Seahawks will hope a shuffle on the offensive line can help turn things around for a struggling offense.

The long-term solution? Bring on some dirtbags.

In one of his more entertaining press conferences of the fall, Seahawks head coach Jim Mora first announced a change to the line: rookie Max Unger, previously the starting right guard, will take over at center, and that Unger’s old job will be split between former center Chris Spencer and Mike Gibson, a second-year player who so far has not been active for a game this season.

Mora started the press conference explaining the move, but it was when he was talking about the attitude he’s looking for from his line things really started to get interesting.

“If you’re going to be a good offensive lineman I think you have to be a little bit of a – can I say it? – You’ve got to be a little bit of a dirtbag. Not as a person, but on the football field. Because in the pit, in the pit where all that stuff goes down. Man if you don’t have some frickin’ toughness, you’re going to fail, you know? You’re going to fail.”

Mora made sure later to point out that the dirtbags he is looking for should only be dirtbags from snap to whistle, and not in their off-field lives.