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I-scream memory from Topper, Too

Sat., Feb. 14, 2009

So the other day Patrick Jacobs was browsing through a 1989 Polks directory at St. Vinny’s and stumbled onto Memory Lane. He posted his close encounter with bygone restaurants on his Get Out! North Idaho Web site (http://getoutnorthidaho. – and several of my Merry Hucksters jumped aboard the nostalgia express. Who can forget eateries such as Henry’s, Jimmy D’s and Log Cabin? The Atrium, Bonanza and Papino’s? I ate the best pizza ever (with the works) at Papino’s one evening after spending a cold winter’s day moving former North Idaho College PRmeister Steve Schenk and his wife, Gretchen, into a house near Sanders Beach. My favorite restaurant memory involves Topper, Too. After a softball game one summer evening, I was enjoying an ice cream cone with other players when we heard a blood-curdling scream from the men’s bathroom. Seems the 3-year-old son of my left fielder had accidentally caught his, ah, male appendage in his zipper after going No. 1. So the boy’s pop asked the hired hands for a knife to cut the boy out of his predicament. Only to have the child shriek when he misinterpreted why the father had entered the bathroom with a knife. Even at that young age, he saw his manhood pass before his eyes. Thanks for the memories, Patrick.

Not forgotten

Patrick Jacobs provided a primer for newbies unfamiliar with these erstwhile culinary eateries that graced the Coeur d’Alene social scene 20 years ago: Mr. Steak (605 Emma Ave., where you received a free meal on your birthday, courtesy of owner Charlie Nipp), Ritz Cafe (501 Appleway, now Mattress Land), Henry’s (1001 Sherman Ave., now Dan Davis Realty), Jimmy D’s (320 Sherman, now Pita Pit), Log Cabin Restaurant (213 W. Appleway, Kelly Services/Appleway Chiropractic), The Atrium (757 W. Appleway, Top Of China), Bonanza (221 W. Appleway, Tomato Street), Father Guido’s (400 Northwest Boulevard, Kootenai County offices), Papino’s (315 Walnut Ave., Anthony’s Midtown Bistro), Rosauers Family Restaurant (225 W. Appleway, Tuesday Morning), Topper, Too (2812 Government Way, Les Schwab parking lot), and Third Street Cantina (201 N. Third, Los Palmitas).


Poet’s Corner: “February, I have no doubt,/is one month we could do without;/too brief to get big projects done,/it’s chill and damp and little fun./We’d have a more appealing year/if Congress made Feb. disappear,/and revocation would allow/March Madness to begin right now” – That Bard of Sherman Avenue (“A Proposal to Repeal February”) … Where Are They Now? Jake Rosholt, the beast former wrestler from Sandpoint, is now an “elite wrestler” known for being “tough and aggressive” in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (the mixed martial arts competition), fighting out of Las Vegas. Last Saturday, Rosholt lost his first fight after five wins when Dan Miller (12-1-1) used a choke hold to subdue him in 1:03 of the first round at the Sun Dome in Tampa, Fla. … At A Butterfly Moment, the blogmistress reports this exchange between young son Adam and herself. ABM: “Adam, go take a shower.” Adam: “I don’t want to take a shower.” ABM: “Adam, go take a shower.” Adam: “Why? Showers don’t even do anything.” ABM (giving him the look). Adam: “Well, except get you a little bit clean.” ABM: “Exactly.”

Parting shot

At Huckleberries Online, Councilman Mike Kennedy provides a fitting eulogy for Wayne Meyer, the former North Idaho legislator and grass farmer who died this week: “I found him to be a sincere, honorable, and polite guy through and through, even though he knew I was on the other side of the political boat than he was. In fact, we agreed on more than we didn’t when we did talk politics – Wayne was a pragmatic centrist. His status as a grass farmer made it politically tough for him when the powers that be came after him, but he stood his ground defending the farmers and agree with him or not, you had to respect him. It’s a thorny issue, but years from now a lot of folks who wanted the grass burning completely stopped might wish it was different if the Prairie gets completely paved over.” Rest in peace.

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