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GOP’s Jindal responds with call for restraint

Wed., Feb. 25, 2009

WASHINGTON – Following President Barack Obama’s call Tuesday evening for a return to fiscal responsibility, Republicans responded by demanding the country return to a policy of fiscal responsibility.

But if that sounded like the two parties were on the same page at last, the actual message – expressed most directly by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal in the party’s official response to Obama’s speech – was that the GOP was prepared to oppose the president’s economic program at almost every turn.

“To solve our current problems, Washington must lead,” Jindal said. “But the way to lead is not to raise taxes and put more money and power in the hands of Washington politicians.”

Jindal called for traditional Republican policies of tax cuts, less government involvement in the economy and reliance on free markets and individual efforts.

“The strength of America is not found in our government,” he said. “It is found in the compassionate hearts and enterprising spirit of our citizens.”

Jindal, along with many Republicans in Congress, focused on the almost $1.5 trillion the government has recently committed to jump-start the struggling economy and prop up ailing banks.

“We want to do everything that we can to work with the president, but he’s got to stop spending money we don’t have,” said Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga.

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