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BNSF downs lone undefeated team

Sat., July 11, 2009

It took an International Tiebreaker to determine the outcome as BNSF pulled out a 2-1 win over previously unbeaten Home Run Construction in Spokane Valley Girls Softball Association competition.

The game was scoreless through seven innings. Using the tiebreaker in the eighth, each team started with a runner at second base. Hayley Garrahan doubled in a run and Makenzie Beaudry-Norris singled home another for a 2-0 lead BNSF lead.

In the bottom of the inning, Emily Mauro doubled home a run before Hunter Allen fanned the final two batters to preserve the win. Allen finished the game with 20 strikeouts and this week struck out 17 in a victory over Awardmasters.

Through July 1, Farrell Spray Services was 5-1, followed by BNSF and Home Run (both 4-1). Hailee Toles went 4-for-4 and scored three times in one win this week for Farrell. A balanced effort led to an easy second win, three players with three hits, including Amanda Hunt and Shelby Marvel who doubled. Amy Anderson tripled and doubled.

In the 14U League, Old Country Buffet (6-0) and Jewell Excavating (5-0) remain unbeaten, leading Estorebyzome by a game. Among recent highlights, Morgan Parker was 3-for-3 and Alex Banny pitched two no-hit innings for Western Family. Kendra Bruno homered and tripled in Jewell Excavating wins.

Three teams are 5-1 in the 12U League, Farrell Spray Services, Old Country Buffet and Bridgestone.

Among highlights, OCB’s Makayla Shay homered and Skyler Bastin scored three runs each in a couple of victories. Shaunay Garcia tripled and pitched La Quinta Inn to victory, while Rebekah May was 2-for-3, scoring twice and driving in two more runs. One of its victims, Sir Speedy, got a 3-for-4 effort by Lexi Ivankovich, who homered, scoring three runs and driving in four.

McDonald’s improved to 6-0 in the 10U League, ahead of four teams with single losses. Elle Burland was 3-for-4, with a home run, triple and double against Summit Electric. Earlier, during a 15-8 win over Myers’ Drywall, Kayla Brooking was 3-for-3 with a triple and Tiara Laurents went 3-for-4. And in a 15-8 win over Kim Hotstart, MacKenzie VanZyverden was 4-for-4.

Kindel Moe of Myers’ Drywall was 7-for-7 with a triple during that span.

Women’s golf

Good weather or bad, nothing deters Jean Allemand. She recorded a triple play during weekly women’s golf, turning in low gross scores in three separate leagues two weeks ago.

Painted Hills Ladies League: Under ideal conditions, Allemand shot 41 to win A flight and Carol Blume was net winner within the flight with 31. Each had two birdies. Melody Chesnut won B flight two weeks running with 51 and 52. Pat Angove in C shot 51, and Julie Harbison 59. Eleanore Badinger and Virginia Lemmer led D flight with 61 and 67. Roxanne Powell and Naomi Chester were no-handicap winners with 59 and 69. Other net leaders were Maria Nelsen with 33 and Marisa Mackin with 38 in B; Harbison with 31 and Dorothy Rausch with 41 in C. Lemmer with 39 and Diane Hadley with 42 paced D.

Liberty Lake 9-Holers: Four days earlier at Trailhead, Allemand shot a low gross first flight 38. That was just one stroke higher than net winners Joyce Jacobs, Darlene Reilly and Nancy Lampe, who with handicap all had 37s. A week later Allemand shot 39. Second flight was a tie between Wilma Capaul and Mary Ann Evans with 57. Shirley Byer netted 40. Third flight victors were Cleo Workland with gross 67 and Judy Clark with net 47. This past week Lorraine Martin netted 37 in first flight. In flight two, Pat Thompson shot 51, and Shirley Byus netted 42. In flight three Pat Reiter shot 59, and Linda Barry netted 38. Thompson and Reiter had chip-ins.

Trailhead at Liberty Lake: Allemand was a bit off her earlier score at Trailhead, but captured A flight nonetheless with a 41. Norma Guillaume netted 32. During play on July 8, Sammie Fletcher shot low gross 48 in A flight, and Marcia Rowley had 37 net. Over the two weeks Marilyn Lukes shot 47 and 53 in B flight, and Dee Elder had net 34 both outings. Penny Jones shot 58, and Bev Johnson 60 in C flight. Johnson netted 43 and Carolyn Fairbanks with 31. Erin Hirschberger shot no-handicap 61.

Painted Hills Executive League: Two weeks of play produced a wealth of winners. Low gross scores included a 43 by Diane Perry in A flight, 50s by Lynn Knight and Fletcher in B, 52 by Kathleen Burns and 66 by Nancy Moore in C, 52 by Nicole Shea and 63s by Kristi Cossette and Lila Baskerville in D. Best net was 35 by Marie Neumayer in A which included a birdie, 33 by Gaylene Lewin and 37 by Bev Younglund in B, 34 by Mary Hager in C, 38 by Barbara Goold and 47 by Baskerville in D.


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