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Sun., July 19, 2009

He said it

“Think what we could do if everybody helped a little.”

Red Crass

Loon Lake angler and watchdog who served the area in active volunteer roles, ranging from protecting loons and grebes to tending trout net pens, before he had a stroke while kokanee fishing with his daughter and died this month at the age of 79.

Lucky kayakers to paddle rare run

OUTRUSH – About 20 kayakers have won a lottery drawing to take a shot next weekend at rare pulse of water that creates a whitewater run in a gorge out of Lake Chelan toward the Columbia River.

The PUD plans to spill water into the Chelan Gorge, for the second time this month, to run tests at Lake Chelan Dam.

Officials are letting experienced kayakers run the one-third-mile whitewater stretch as it spills 300-450 cubic feet per second Saturday and next Sunday.

This month’s tests, plus tests set for September, are the first since 2000. Officials will be observing the kayakers to see if the gorge is safe enough to open to kayakers every year.


Falcons make way for rock climbers

OUTCLIMB – A ban on climbing at popular rock wall near Leavenworth, Wash., has been lifted this week now that young peregrine falcons have fledged from a nest in the area.

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest managers lifted the closure Wednesday. The area had been closed on April 1 to protect raptor nesting sites.

Climbers are allowed again at Snow Creek Wall and Shield area along Icicle Creek Road.

“We wanted to wait a week after the chicks fledged to open the climbing area, because the chicks are still weak flyers and needed some growing time before they have to deal with people,” said Janet Millard, wildlife technician.

Canada bound? Here’s another tip

OUTBOUND – Recently, we reminded outdoor travelers of the need for a passport to get back and forth over the Canada border.

This week, thanks to a friend who recently spent an unpleasant couple of hours with his kids at Canadian Customs, we have another reminder:

A solo spouse bringing his or her kids across the border must have birth certificates and a signed permission slip with contact information from the other spouse. Having the slip notarized is even better.

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