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Praise well deserved

Kudos to the Mead volleyball program for another impressive tournament win at the Crossover Classic last weekend.

Sandpoint was tough competition and the two teams fought tooth and nail for every point. This was the best volleyball the Spokane area has seen in several years.

I was troubled by the presentation of the Oct. 11 “Panthers pounce” article regarding “tooting the horn of their own flesh and blood … practically brought out an orchestra … ”

I was in attendance and witnessed the championship match. It’s tough to be the coach’s daughter – and even tougher to present unbiased compliments after a good match. Mead coach Judy Kight’s praise for Kaely Kight was far from a mom’s biased opinion. Kaely Kight had an amazing tournament. The praise published in the article was well deserved – whether it was from her mom or not.

Coach Kight does an excellent job of representing the entire team effort (as a whole) as the article goes on to state. She has led a top-notch volleyball program at Mead and her daughter’s contributions are standing strong – with or without mom’s well-deserved praise.

Keep an eye on those Mead Panthers, they’re a sight to be seen.

Heather S. Wilson



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