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Salute from the writing contest judge

Judging high-school writing contest entries isn’t easy. The following is an excerpt from an untitled poem submitted by Meagan Anderson, a sophomore at Ferris. While the entire entry did not make the final round of judging, this segment was tightly and colorfully written, bringing an honorable-mention smile to the judge’s face.

I hate winter,

It’s a pretty bad invention of a season.

It’s cold, it’s wet and it sucks.

The snow gets all dirty and soaks through your shoes when you walk.

Every morning is freezing,

Every night feels way more cold than the last;

It seems to overstay its welcome each year

By about three months.

Its angry clouds put the sun in hiding,

And people always seem to be sad

Throughout this time,

Walking around so quietly,

With these bags under their eyes that they can’t seem to get rid of,

No matter how much they sleep.

Pretty much in conclusion,

Winter sucks and so do poems.

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