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Trestle helps you enjoy golf

I’m home.

The first thing you see is an ad on the scorecard for a construction company owned by a guy named Dan Noonan, who also doubles as the high school football coach. Get it? Danny Noonan? As in, “Miss it, Noonan!” from “Caddyshack?” He’s probably never heard that on the golf course before.

There’s also a memorial along the first hole where the original owner’s dog was buried — though not because he was run over by a golf cart piloted by a previous high school football coach. The dog survived that.

Then there’s the course. I’ll challenge anyone to find a small-town 9-hole layout as pretty, well-tended and welcoming as this one. And don’t be looking for any 260-yard par-4s. Each hole is a good, honest test. The trees can make the early holes a little nasty. The greens are sloped and undulating, but not punitive.

If you really suck, can you still have fun? You could play left-handed with right-handed clubs and still not ruin a round here.

Our golf guy is full of it: “I like that little draw you can hit,” he said. Oh, you mean the one time in 30 when it’s not a screaming jack hook?

Lost ball update: 2. Don’t tee up a new on Nos. 3 or 4.