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Washington records

Fri., Nov. 5, 2010

Spokane County

Marriage licenses

Joel N. Rooks and Sabrina M. Anderson, both of Airway Heights.

Joseph E. Singleton and Amanda R. Crawford, both of Spokane.

Aldon A. Ankien and Praise O. Brian, both of Spokane.

Paul A. Wilson and Challa M. Harrington, both of Spokane.

In the courts

Superior courts

New suits

Edward Mascardo v. Alee Alee et al., restitution of premises.

Capital One Bank USA v. Judith A. Wold, money claimed owed.

RCA Inc. v. John Windle, money claimed owed.

Richard Palmer v. Gary Slender Sr. et al., breach of contract.

John Divens v. State of Washington et al., personal injury.

Michael Gunderson v. Stephen Simpson, injuries/vehicle collision.

Elizabeth Hudon v. Seth Johnson, injuries/vehicle collision.

Amanda M. Dunham v. Dawnielle M. Short et al., injuries/vehicle collision.

Melinda M. Douglas v. David M. Brown, injuries/vehicle collision.

Elaine S. Dodge et al. v. Don H. Bartron Jr. et al., injuries/vehicle collision.

Elton Dodge v. Don H. Bartron Jr. et al., injuries/vehicle collision.

Eva Glenn v. Andrew T. Armstrong et al., injuries/vehicle collision.

Gordon Schuler v. Ralph Young et al., restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Payne, Mandy and Hernandez, Luis

Nordquist, Jeremy R. and Anne K.

Holloway, Islay P. and James E.

Wilson, Tricia and Ryan

Bauer, Troy A. and Lorry L.

Hart, Cecilia R. and John R.

Burke, Ellena and Cochran, Geoff

Dietz, Michael A. and Warga-Dietz, Heidi S.

Geist, Rachel A. and Tussey, Kenneth T.

Marriage dissolutions granted

Overhauser, Jan M. and Randy L.

Roberts-Schussman, Wilhelmina A. and Schussman, Louis K.

Harris, Melissa L. and Jon H.

Thomson, Christina A. and Smith, Blaze A.

Demars, Carrie A. and Aaron M.

Frost, Angie K. and Andrew A.

Myers, Scott A. and Carmen M.

Raley, Michele V. and Mark C.

Civil cases dismissed

Unifund CCR Partners v. Scott J. Wenzel, money claimed owed.

Unifund CCR Partners v. William Crist, money claimed owed.

Randall Gillingham v. Nathan Eoff et al., restitution of premises.

Peytre Corporation v. Crason Inc. et al., misrepresentation.

Trisha Martin v. Alfonso Oliva et al., employment discrimination.

Darlene F. Erickson et al. v. Roderick L. Herrod et al., injuries/vehicle collision.

Beneficial Washington Inc. v. Garett P. Keith, money claimed owed.

Josephine Merritt v. ICT Group, denial of family leave.

Roxanne Stamps et al. v. Waste Management Inc. et al., wrongful death.

Dr. James G. Hood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry v. Sam Wood et al., violation of federal privacy.

HSBC Bank Nevada N.A. v. Sheree V. Abbott, money claimed owed.

Criminal sentencings

Judge Linda G. Tompkins

Joshua E. Hani, 34; one day in jail, after pleading guilty to three counts of delivery of a controlled substance.

Judge Jerome J. Leveque

Justin L. Sheperd, 20; three days in jail with credit given for three days served, after pleading guilty to second-degree theft.

Judge Kathleen M. O’Connor

Levy B. Nomee, 20; three months in jail with credit given for 53 days served, after pleading guilty to third-degree assault.

Joseph W. Davis, 26; 24 days in jail with credit given for 24 days served, 12 months probation, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess a controlled substance.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge John O. Cooney

Sara L. Pearson, 26; one day in jail with credit given for one day served, 12 months probation, solicitation to possess a controlled substance and third-degree escape.

Jeremy L. Chandler, 39; five days in jail with credit given for five days served, 12 months probation, making or having burglary tools.

Curtis A. Franks, 34; $866 fine, 100 days in jail, 24 months probation, driving while intoxicated.


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