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Losers’ behavior predictable

Since the proponents to the zoning proposal at St. John Vianney are busy mud slinging, let me take this time to point out some other interesting facts.

There is a city planning meeting – even though, based on Meg Doherty’s letter, St. John Vianney can bypass this process, they are nice and go anyway.

The St. John Vianney neighbors show a strong support, since they canvassed the neighborhood and passed out meeting reminder notices.

There is a neighborhood meeting and cookies are served and the church is welcomed in, but since the neighbors want to keep it upbeat and positive, they ask these people to leave.

There is another city planning meeting – since there was a neighborhood meeting with 100 people in attendance and reminder notices were sent out, the place is packed. St. John Vianney is once again super-nice and they go to this meeting, too.

The Planning Commission, after deliberations, votes 4-2 against the rezoning of this land. The neighbors win. All their hard work is paying off.

Uh-oh. The neighbors are so excited that their process is working, they forget one thing. People don’t like to lose. The losers begin attacking the neighborhood, yelling obscene remarks from their car windows and even make a few phone calls. With careful thought, the losers even sit down and write really nice letters, calling the neighbors stupid, ignorant, fearful, annoying, and yes, even uninformed whiners.

Good job, your behavior is very predictable.

Suzanne Johnson

Spokane Valley


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