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From our archives, 100 years ago

A mother of six suffered a frightening breakdown. She marched two of her children to the middle of the Mission Street Bridge and threatened to toss them into the river. When onlookers tried to intervene, she waved a gun.

Fortunately, her sister-in-law rushed to the scene and was finally able to calm the woman down. When police arrived, they found the woman who had “created the excitement” in her home, surrounded by “six frightened, crying little children.”

Her sister-in-law told officers that the woman had been prey to such attacks of “temporary insanity” every so often for 16 years. They never lasted more than an hour, after which she “was all right again.” She had never actually committed any violence to herself or her children.

The sister-in-law offered to stay and make sure there was no further trouble.

From the music beat: The New York Symphony gave its farewell concert at Natatorium Park. The orchestra’s engagement had been extended from three to four weeks. They performed nearly every night – sometimes twice – to audiences of up to 4,000 each time.

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1961: Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov became the second man to orbit Earth as he flew aboard Vostok 2.

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