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Letter: Two-way street not the solution

This is in response to Howard Herman’s concern over the Sprague Avenue one-way being a public hazard.

The solution: Have the one-way start after Station 1, install Jersey rail to designate the east route from the fire house to University Road and block the parking lot exits along the route. 

I know that every second counts in an emergency response, that 1 minute and 20 seconds saved by returning to a two-way street could be longer if people don’t yield to the responding vehicle, or when responding during rush hour. Is the response the same at 3 a.m. as it is at 5 p.m.? No, of course not. There are no two responses the same, ask any fireman. 

As for the Sprague Avenue businesses, most are depending on spontaneous buyers and will not last very long on any street. The empty stores show that. If you have a good product or service, people will find you. Wolf Creek Lodge and Klink’s on Williams Lake are just two examples.

We have debated over the one-way, had studies done that cost thousands of dollars, the public had their input and the one-way was chosen.

Tony Goatz

Spokane Valley


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