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Big class on campus

Sat., Aug. 27, 2011

WSU opens doors to a university-record 4,200 freshmen

Washington State University welcomed its largest freshman class in history this week. While spokesman Darin Watkins describes the university as bursting at the seams, the overall feeling about the incoming class is excitement. “This could be the new norm for us,” said Watkins, adding that despite rumors to the contrary the university is providing appropriate residences for the freshmen. Here are 10 facts about the class of 2015:

1 The unofficial enrollment is 4,200 so far. Previously, the largest incoming class on record was 3,411.

2 89 percent of the class is from Washington.

3 A majority of the new students are expected to major in areas that focus on science, technology, engineering or math.

4 28 percent are minorities.

5 Hispanic enrollment doubled.

6 African-American enrollment tripled.

7 The average high school GPA is 3.38.

8 The student boom resulted in nearly 85 new employees.

9 The freshman class is approximately 51 percent female and 49 percent male.

10 The incoming class has pushed the amount of financial aid distributed to its highest level in history. There are about 14,100 students (not just freshmen) receiving some form of financial aid. In the first week, $85.6 million in financial aid was issued, up $11.5 million from last year.

Source: WSU

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