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Letter: Vancouver rioters weren’t the norm

Ray Anderson had a letter in The Spokesman-Review (June 26) regarding to the rioting in Vancouver after the final game of the Stanley Cup finals. I do not think that is indicative of the average person who lives there. What you did not hear was that people went downtown to help clean up the mess. In addition, a Facebook page was set up too identify the individuals who caused the destruction. There were many comments about how embarrassed the average city dweller of that beautiful city was about the riot, and how it was understood that the people causing the destruction would have done the same damage regardless of who won. As witnessed during the Winter Olympics, this behavior was not typical of the average person who lives in Vancouver.

I have only visited Vancouver, but I have spoken to people who have lived there. The comments I heard were all the same, in that the people they met while living there were wonderful and friendly.

Please do not paint the same brush for all of the population there due to a small minority that caused the destruction.

John Beaton