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End Notes

By Rebecca Nappi

April 2 – I gave up worrying for Lent. No kidding. I reflected on the futile nature of worrying about things beyond my control, as most things are, and how much wasted energy I’ve put into worry in my 56 years.

It’s been easier to give it up than I imagined, because once I begin down the worry chain, I catch myself. Today, a story reinforced the negative view of worrying.

Turns out that anxiety (and depression) might increase a person’s chance of developing Alzheimer’s, according to the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.

Office Hours

By Tom Sowa

April 5 – Is Spokane County dependent on exporting its products?

That’s a subjective call. Today’s story on Sen. Maria Cantwell’s (D-Wash.) visit to Spokane to boost support for reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank raised the question of how many jobs depend on exports.

The numbers are a bit slippery. As Stan Key of Greater Spokane Incorporated noted during Cantwell’s visit, the actual totals on exports are registered at the port of departure. For many Spokane firms, that means their numbers fall into those seen for Seattle, Tacoma and Portland.

Key said he did a quick general survey of Spokane County and found firms that rely on exports employ more than 2,700 people. 

The Ex-Im bank site has a handy statistical sorter to look at the total benefits extended in each state’s congressional district. 

For Eastern Washington in 2011, for instance, you’d find the following numbers: Eight companies received some form of Ex-Im help, either through contract assistance or insurance on payments.

Also listed there is the top dog among companies here taking advantage of Ex-Im offers: It’s Commercial Creamery Co., based in Spokane. They’re using exports to send powdered milk and cheese powder to overseas buyers.

The Slice

By Paul Turner

April 4 – The truth is, many of us here in the Inland Northwest often act like rain rookies.

One way you can tell is that a lot of those using umbrellas seem to have utterly no idea how much space these weather shields take up. As a result, it is not unusual to have to do side-hops to avoid getting poked in the eye by bumbershoot-wielders making no attempt to share sidewalk space.

I don’t think it’s inconsideration. Not totally anyway. I think it is partly inexperience.

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