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Yoke’s ad showing on Super Sunday

Fri., Feb. 3, 2012

Spokane ad agency Magner Sanborn is ready for its second shot at Super Bowl advertising fame. This year’s game will include a 60-second spot built around the secret life of shopping carts.

Two years ago the firm developed three spots for a short-lived technology product, Flo TV.

This year’s spot, which will run just before kickoff at 3:30 p.m., is a commercial for Yoke’s Fresh Markets, one of Magner Sanborn’s longtime clients.

Dennis Magner, one of the firm’s principals, declined to offer many details about the project.

“I’d describe it as ‘eye-opening.’  It’s a revealing look at why shopping carts do what they do,” he said.

The Flo TV ad was shot for a national company and landed in prime Super Bowl slots.

The Yoke’s ad is set for a local time slot made available by KHQ, the Spokane NBC affiliate.

Magner and company partner Jeff Sanborn developed the concept on their own late Monday at the firm’s downtown office.

The idea is meant to be catchy and slightly offbeat. No human faces are shown, but there is music and voice-over narrative.

Magner and Sanborn contacted Yoke’s the next day and got the green light. They made a call to KHQ and grabbed a spot.

The ad was shot at exterior locations Wednesday and Thursday. Magner said the goal is a high-level, national-quality ad that gets across a fun message.

Once it airs, the ad will be posted to YouTube and Vimeo. The Yoke’s website will also likely feature the spot, Magner said.

The spot will also be used on local broadcasts beyond Sunday, Magner said.

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