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Primary filing ends with crowded ballot

Sat., May 19, 2012, 2:29 p.m.

OLYMPIA – Washington’s primary ballot got longer and more interesting before elections offices closed for filing Friday afternoon.

Spokane-area ballots will have nine candidates for governor, eight for U.S. Senate, seven for secretary of state, six for lieutenant governor, five for a Spokane legislative seat, and four for Eastern Washington’s 5th District congressional seat.

That crowded legislative race actually got smaller on Friday. Spokane businessman John Waite dropped his bid for the open state House seat in the 3rd District, endorsing City Councilman Jon Snyder, a fellow Democrat.

Some candidates for major offices are well known and have been campaigning for months. Some entering the field this week are perennial candidates who regularly file for something but rarely make it past a primary. Mike the Mover, owner of a Seattle area moving company who legally changed his name to reflect his occupation, filed this year for Senate, as did Will Baker, of Tacoma, and Glen Stockwell, a Ritzville resident who has tried legislative campaigns in the past.

The Aug. 7 election is a top-two primary, which means the candidates with the most and second-most votes move on to the general election, regardless of party. Candidates say which party they prefer, but that doesn’t signify official party support or recognition.

That means some races in November could match two Democrats or two Republicans. It also means candidates are free to describe their party preference in creative ways, make up parties or say they have no party preference at all.

Here’s a list of candidates who will appear on Spokane-area ballots in the primary, and their stated party preference. Judicial races and the state superintendent of public instruction are nonpartisan.

U.S. Senate: Michael Baumgartner, Art Coday, Chuck Jackson, Mike the Mover, Glen (Stocky) R. Stockwell, Republican; Maria Cantwell, Timmy (Doc) Wilson, Democrat; Will Baker, Reform.

U.S. representative, 5th District: Rich Cowan, Democrat; Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Randall Yearout, both Republican; Ian Moody, no party preference.

Governor: Rob Hill, Jay Inslee, both Democrat; Shahram Hadian, Javier O. Lopez, Rob McKenna, Max Sampson, all Republican; L. Dale Sorgen, James White, Independent; Christian Joubert, no party preference.

Lieutenant governor: Brad Owen, Democrat; Bill Finkbeiner, Republican; Glenn Anderson, Indep Republican; Mark Greene, Democracy Independent; James Robert Deal, no party preference.

Secretary of state: Kathleen Drew, Jim Kastama, Greg Nickels, all Democrat; Kim Wyman, Republican; Karen Murray, Constitution Party; Sam Wright, Human Rights Party; David J. Anderston, no party preference.

State treasurer: Jim McIntire, Democrat.

State auditor: James Watkins, Republican; Troy Kelley, Craig Pridemore, Mark Miloscia, all Democrat.

Attorney general: Reagan Dunn, Stephen Pidgeon, both Republican; Bob Ferguson, Democrat.

Commissioner of public lands: Peter J. Goldmark, Democratic; Clint Didier, Republican; Stephen A. Sharon, no party preference.

Superintendent of public instruction: James Bauckman, John Patterson Blair, Randy I. Dorn, Don Hansler, Ronald L. (Ron) Higgins.

Insurance commissioner: Mike Kreidler, Democrat; John R. Adams, Scott Reilly, both Republican; Brian C. Berend, Independent.

Supreme Court

Position 2: Douglas W. McQuaid, Susan Owens , Scott Stafne.

Position 8: Steve Gonzalez, Bruce O. Danielson.

Position 9: Bruce Hilyer, John W. Ladenburg, Sheryl Gordon McCloud, Richard B. Sanders.

Court of Appeals, Division 3, District 1: Laurel Siddoway.

Legislative District 3

State Senate: Nancy McLaughlin, GOP; Andy Billig, Democrat.

State representative, Position 1: Bob Apple, Marcus Riccelli, Jon Snyder, all Democrat; Morgan Oyler, Republican; Tim Benn, GOP.

State representative, Position. 2: Timm Ormsby, Democrat; Dave White, Republican.

Legislative District 4

State Senate: Mike Padden, Republican.

State representative, Position 1: Larry Crouse, Republican.

State representative, Position 2: Amy C. Biviano, Democrat; Matt Shea, Republican.

Legislative District 6

State representative, Position 1: Wayne Kyle Spitzer, Democrat; Kevin Parker, Republican.

State representative, Position 2: Jeff Holy, Ben Oakley, Larry Keller, all Republican; Dennis Dellwo, Democrat.

Legislative District 7

State representative, Position 1: Shelly Short, Republican.

State representative, Position 2: Joel Kretz, Robert (Bob) Wilson, both Republican.

Legislative District 9

State Senate: Mark G. Schoesler, GOP.

State representative, Position 1: Susan Fagan, Republican.

State representative, Position 2: Joe Schmick, Republican.

Spokane County commissioner, District 1: Todd Mielke, Republican; John Roskelley, Democrat.

Spokane County commissioner, District 2: Rob Chase, Shelly O’Quinn, both Republican; Daryl Romeyn, Democrat.

District Court, Position 8: Randy A. Brandt.

Spokane Superior Court

Position 1: Annette S. Plese.

Position 2: James M. Triplet.

Position 3: Tari Eitzen.

Position 4: Kathleen M. O’Connor.

Position 5: Michael P. Price.

Position 6: Sam F. Cozza.

Position 7: Maryann C. Moreno.

Position 8: Harold D. Clarke III.

Position 9: John O. Cooney.

Position 10: Linda G. Tompkins.

Position 11: Greg Sypolt.

Position 12: Ellen Kalama Clark.

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