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Q and A with St. Nick

The Spokesman-Review recently sat down for an interview with Santa Claus, during a break from his duties at River Park Square. Santa sipped his favorite beverage – a peppermint latte.

Q. What’s your favorite color?

A. Red.

Q. Do you have a favorite reindeer?

A. Rudolph. He lights my way! I couldn’t go anywhere without him.

Q. Who is on the naughty list?

A. It’s all in the book at the North Pole, but everyone should be nice right now – it might make all the difference.

Q. How does one stay on the nice list?

A. Simple. Go to bed on time. Keep your room clean. Don’t fight with your siblings and do what your Mom and Dad say.

Q. What’s your favorite Christmas song?

A. It’s a tie between “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

Q. How do you get into houses without chimneys?

A. I have to do magic and squeeze through keyholes. It’s really hard work.

Q. Are your gifts parent-approved?

A. My gifts are SANTA-approved. However, if they ask for animals like ponies or puppies, I always check with parents first.

Q. What’s your favorite cookie?

A. All of them. I LOVE cookies!

Q. How to you get to everyone’s house in one night?

A. Santa magic. I control time. Sometimes I speed it up to the speed of light and sometimes I stop time altogether.

Q. What do you do the day after Christmas?

A. I relax and watch sports on TV. I’m a big Seahawks fan.

Santa is at River Park Square until Christmas Eve. To see his schedule visit