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Cole an amazing talent

Kudos to Rich Landers for his May 1 article profiling acclaimed underwater marine photographer Brandon Cole, a Spokanite who travels the world bringing unique images to divers and non-divers of the intriguing world underwater.

Cole’s stories and photography are published worldwide, and I’m glad to call him a friend and mentor. While the acting and theatre community can point to Ellen Travolta, Patty Duke, Craig T. Nelson and Bing Crosby as noteworthy talent, Spokane has a rare jewel in Cole’s highly sought-after underwater images, which have been sought by National Geographic, as well as Smithsonian and many more publications.

As an avid scuba diver, it’s an overdue story that Spokane and Inland Empire divers can find common ground, er, water with!

Debbie Cole (no relation)


Shocked by Sterling

As a fan of the NBA, I was shocked to hear about the Donald Sterling incident. I was angry and also very confused. Confused about how an owner of a NBA organization, in a league dominated by African-American players, can be so racist and ignorant.

How can you enjoy your job if you hate most of your employees? How are your players supposed to be motivated to win and give you their hardest if they know that you hate them?

People say that his punishment is too harsh; I say it was very fitting. He deserves every bit of this punishment because there is no room for horrible men like him in this great game.

Brendan Davis


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