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Weather in Spokane


72°F | 58°F

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.


83°F | 56°F

Partly cloudy until evening.


86°F | 56°F

Partly cloudy in the afternoon.

Q6 Weather

After our hit-and-miss weekend, today starts off the same: Hit and miss... We will start with mostly cloudy skies and a couple of isolated showers through the middle part of the day. The majority of the rain looks to stay south of Spokane, but we aren't ruling out a shower or two. After today, we start to warm up and add in more sunshine to the mix. By Wednesday our temperatures will be hovering in the low to mid-80s. Next chance of a shower then shows up Thursday -- which is also the official start of summer for the Inland Northwest.

Current Conditions

Partly Cloudy
Feels Like:
Wind Speed:
3.77 mph
6.17 miles
8:51 p.m.

12-Hour Forecast

Mon 3 a.m. 59°F Partly Cloudy 0% precip.
Mon 4 a.m. 58°F Mostly Cloudy 1% precip.
Mon 5 a.m. 58°F Mostly Cloudy 2% precip.
Mon 6 a.m. 59°F Mostly Cloudy 2% precip.
Mon 7 a.m. 62°F Mostly Cloudy 0% precip.
Mon 8 a.m. 65°F Overcast 0% precip.
Mon 9 a.m. 68°F Overcast 0% precip.
Mon 10 a.m. 70°F Overcast 3% precip.
Mon 11 a.m. 72°F Mostly Cloudy 3% precip.
Mon noon 72°F Mostly Cloudy 4% precip.
Mon 1 p.m. 71°F Mostly Cloudy 7% precip.
Mon 2 p.m. 71°F Mostly Cloudy 9% precip.

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