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The path to just\ice narrows…


Good morning, Netizens...


If it were up to me, this man, Karl F. Thompson, Jr. would already be serving a sentence in prison, eating prison chow and sleeping at nights carefully guarding his backside, not living in his plush house with his ex-wife who conveniently divorced Karl to shield his assets.


The Spokesman-Review has done a first-rate job of keeping this man, (Klubber) Karl F. Thompson, Jr. firmly affixed in the collective eyes of Spokane, and rightfully so. Kudos to journalists, editors, attorney’s and support staff of the SR for having helped bring us to this point in time. I admit this is one of my favorite pictures of Thompson. He is holding Otto Zehm's paycheck in his hand and to my way of seeing it, he has that look of a deer caught in your headlights just before impact with your car. Well, the impact may be drawing closer, what with the unsealing of the records of the jurors who sat in judgment of Karl F. Thompson. Karl is slowly running out of places to hide his culpability.


Karl was tried and convicted of using excessive force and lying to investigators during his encounter with Zehm, a 36-year-old janitor, who was beaten to a frazzle and then choked to death on the floor of a Zip Trip Store. There were lies, multiple attempts at obfuscating the truth from the jury that convicted Thompson. We may never truly know where to place all the blame for the death of Otto Zehm and the cover-up that followed.


There are some who undoubtedly will ask why I cannot let the death of Otto Zehm pass without comment or why I refuse to let Karl F. Thompson hide his guilt behind his attorney. Justice, even locked behind bars surrounded by semi-demonic inmates in a prison is still better than dying on the floor of a Zip Trip.



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