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FRIDAY, DEC. 31, 2004

FRIDAY, DEC. 24, 2004

Final Word -- Until Jan. 3

Well, folks, I'm off for the rest of my vacation, which will end on Jan. 3. I'm not going to do any blogging. I need a complete break. And so do you. Have the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years. I deeply…

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A salute to our medical guardian angels

Hi Dave, I want everyone to remember that tonight and tomorrow, like every tonight and tomorrow, there will be nurses and multitudes of healthcare professionals on duty. All of them are the Angels who minister to the sick and dying 24/7/365, holidays or not. So…

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Baby overboard

In The CDA Blog, Phil Corless reports:Last Sunday night (Dec. 19) at The Resort, a man with his months-old grandson in his arms was disembarking from one of the Holiday Lights boats when he slipped on the icy ramp and fell backwards into the frigid…

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Remember your brothers in chains

Michelle Malkin knocked another one out of the park earlier this week with her column reminding us of those who are suffering for their faith:Yes, it's maddening when politically correct bureaucrats ban nativity scenes and Christmas carols in the name of "diversity" and "tolerance." We…

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Hark, what are the angels singing?

With a slight twist of words, here's a Christmas carol that might sound familiar:Hark, how all the welkin rings,"Glory to the King of kings;Peace on earth, and mercy mild,God and sinners reconcil'd!"Joyful, all ye nations, rise,Join the triumph of the skies;Universal nature say,"Christ the Lord…

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Another rant of sorts

One of my jobs as Hot Potatoes gatekeeper is to catch urban legends. Two readers have sent in a column purportedly by Paul Harvey that denounces the constant attacks on the Christian faith in America. Actually, the writer of the column probably is Nick Gholson…

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THURSDAY, DEC. 23, 2004

Final Word (12/23/04)

It was a bit weird being at the office today, for the first of two days before I finish the rest of my Christmas vacation. But it gave me a chance to catch up on e-mails and bloggin' -- as well as write an editorial…

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Peanut Gallery (Marianne checks in)

Dave, Just in case your geographic location on your vacation keeps you from having access to the area newspapers, I'd like to cite a Daily Bee classic today. It's on page 11 in the sports section. The headline for the 10-12-inch story reads "Cougars looking…

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Gregoire wins by 130 votes

The re-recount is over with Demo Christine Gregoire now in the lead by 130 votes here. At this point, Repub Dino Rossi should claim victory by taking 2 out of 3 counts. Or challenged Christine to the best 3 out of 5. Would you believe…

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Brand X poll

Commenters Poll Pot and Suzy Q (terrific pseudonyms) drew my attention to that on-line poll being conducted today by the Coeur d'Alene Press. Topic? Who's your favorite columnist? Kerri Thoreson has almost half the vote of 167 with cynic Marti Fortier a distant second and…

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Peanut Gallery (Your side won)

I'm posting another group of responses re: "Red State" rant that I found when I returned to work today.Greeting,About your Red State Sunday sermon: There, there David, don't take on so. Your side won! You control the legislative, executive and judicial for at least two…

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Peanut Gallery (Bob strikes again)

Yes, and today in Iraq children are more malnourished than is the simple truth, we botched Iraq and botched it'd think we'd have learned from Viet Nam what happens when Strangelovian think tankers are allowed to put their demented theories (see: domino theory,…

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I'm ba-a-a-ack ... for a coupla days

The phenomenon continues ... negative letters to the editor re: "Red State" rant outnumber positives 7-3, including one today in which Tim Garb of Coeur d'Alene admits: "Yes, 11-2 will be more deadly in the long run than 9-11." (But the overall count of e-mails,…

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 22, 2004

One more day of chillin'

I'm starting to get used to the sleepin' in. So is Sis, who made the mistake last semester of enrolling in an 8 o'clock Economics class. Next semester, her earliest class is 11 a.m. She's starting to understand her biorhythms. She's a night owl, like…

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Peanut Gallery (Why I'm A Red-Stater)

In the late 1970's when my dad was still in high school he attended the Idaho Republican Convention in Moscow. The keynote speaker at that time was "then Governor" Ronald Reagan.My dad, who was raised in a Democrat leaning household (that was back when Democrats…

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TUESDAY, DEC. 21, 2004

'Twice Adopted' excerpt

A definition of divorce as found on Page 37 of Michael Reagan's new book (provided by Don Otis of Sandpoint):"Divorce is where two adults take everything that matters to a child -- the child's home, family, security and sense of being loved and protected --…

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Peanut Gallery (Bob checks in)

re: Liberals responding by snail mail to "Red State" rant:I might wonder if the dearth of written letters by red staters speaks more to their lack of basic writing skills than anything else...a rocket hit a messhall in Mosul today...22 confirmed dead...possible Stryker battalion from…

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MONDAY, DEC. 20, 2004

Peanut Gallery (Am I/Are we blue?)

re: phenomenon in which 5 out of 7 letters to the editor opposed my "Red State" rant, while 71 or 90 personal e-mails/phone calls supported.Could it be that the general color of the paper is blue?Dave TolleDFO: Funny thing? They're switching the colors for the…

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Peanut Gallery (Still trapped ...)

Let's do the math for Sad in Cd'A. Wal-Mart wages + bad health care benefits + clueless managers - no dental insurance - no Christmas bonus = Bad corporation.Obviously that message was written by one of Duane's henchmen. Otherwise he/she sould be giving us their…

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Cheers & Jeers

CHEERS to Albany County (NY) Justice Joseph Teresi who ruled that New York state's defintion of marriage - exclusively between a man and a woman - is, in fact, constitutional. 13 same-sex couples sued claiming the state violated their rights to free speech, equal protection,…

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Peanut Gallery (Duane made Cda)

I have recently reviewed pictures of what Coeur d'Alene looked like before Mr. Hagadone built his corporate office and golf course, and I must say that it has been an improvement. A dramatic improvement. And yet when building places there were those that opposed. If…

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