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Amber Copeland responds

In the Rich vs Rich thread Amber Copeland responds to questions and comments about her candidacy:



I'm curious as to why so many wish to formulate opinions on me based on literally nothing. Quite simply, I believe that if you have a question about a person then you should ask that person directly. So I will take this opportunity to address the things being discussed here and also add that I have explicitly stated numerous times that I am more than willing to meet and discuss any questions the community poses concerning myself, my positions, and my intentions.

In response to Randy's statement that I was invited to be on the arts commission by the mayor, this is false. I was actually invited by Ron Edinger by telephone shortly after the conclusion of the election. I even gathered reference letters to apply to do so, one of which was written by Dan Gookin who I consider a friend. At that time I had just begun an Americorps position at Dirne Community Health Center. Americorps is the national version of the Peace Corps which was started by Bill Clinton, in case you aren't familiar with it.

More below. Thoughts?

During my time with Dirne I was on The Christian Community Coalition and more specifically worked with the family and homeless divisions of this group. I also contributed the idea of a homeless simulation obstacle course for teens for Kootenai United Way and designed the course. It was due to this involvement that I decided not to pursue sitting on the Arts Commission as I felt that my skill set was better suited to what I was already doing and I didn't want to spread myself too thin.

As far as other involvement is concerned, I don't do things for the sake of name recognition or to boost my resume and so you probably haven't heard about many things I have done which is fine with me. What is important to me is that the people I have helped are aware of it which is the true purpose of giving anyway.

To address the rest of it, the purpose of a city council is to represent all demographics in the city in conversations and decision making processes. I have just as much of a right to convey my opinions, contribute ideas, and mold the governmental processes as any other person. In fact, my lack of experience in politics, my financial status, my career and so on may even make me more qualified to be a representative of this city as I represent a larger faction of it's citizens than most of the other candidates do.

I am Coeur d'Alene people. Do you think that the majority of Coeur d'Alene is business persons? I represent those that want hope, and change (literally, a little more change is always good for the purse) and to quit being called "the little people" as described recently. We are only as little as our voices make us and trust me I am more than capable of being loud.

So if you want to elect a person with a certain list of qualifications that is your right and I am just here to offer another option. Everyone always wants to complain about politicians and their agendas. I assure you my intention is not in the least bit self serving. You can keep voting for the person with the most signs. Or, the person that buys the most press or TV ads. If you do, do you think anything will change? Every issue that I will face when I am elected will have the overtones of "how does this affect me and those like me."

In order to create a more one on one experience with the voting public, I am working on a couple things that should help enhance the publics knowledge of me directly, in real time with multiple interactive access without being bombarded by the trash bin filling .. never read.. post cards, door hangers and knocking at dinner time.

Help ME reach more people the way politics SHOULD be. By word of mouth and by supporting me, and helping me help you. The business persons have money, they will buy their way into an election. I can't. So, I am counting on the great people in Cd'a I have met, to talk to EVERYBODY they meet, and ask them to vote for me.

Lot's of folks are unhappy with local politicians being out of touch. Well, I GET IT.

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