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Matter of Opinion Gary Crooks

MONDAY, FEB. 7, 2011

FRIDAY, FEB. 4, 2011

MONDAY, JAN. 31, 2011

Turmoil in Egypt 30 

This is a good place to keep updated on rapidly changing events. Any thoughts? UPDATE: Many attacks on media. Mubarak says he can't leave now. That would be chaos. So, instead, he'll literally bash the coverage. Thugs. Plain and simple. UPDATE: Egypt photos from former...

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 26, 2011

State of the Union 

The president presented his case. So did the Republicans, via Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann. The Libertarians said a pox on all their houses. And you?

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MONDAY, JAN. 24, 2011

The Creach case 12 

Spokane County Prosecutor decides not to seek charges in the shooting death of Wayne Scott Creach. It's is a tough situation. Two people involved in the encounter. Only one lives to tell about it. Would it help to have coroner inquests in cases like these?....

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FRIDAY, JAN. 21, 2011

Myth of Hero Gunslinger

Interesting column by Timothy Egan (formerly of Spokane) about the notion of increasing safety by carrying a gun. It is related to the Tucson shootings. It defies logic, as this case shows once again, that an average citizen with a gun is going to disarm...

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TUESDAY, JAN. 18, 2011

The Jan. 17 thread 26 

Put your thoughts here. Heard this lyric driving in today: "Ain't it like most people -- I'm no different -- we like to talk on things we don't know about."

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THURSDAY, JAN. 6, 2011

Hello to 2011 97 

Open thread here. Members of Congress are reading the Constitution. Wonder who gets this part? Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to...

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TUESDAY, DEC. 28, 2010

Say goodbye to 2010 66 

Last open thread of the year. Make it a good one. What will you miss? What are you happy to leave behind? Or you could chew on this topic. Mike Huckabee leads this poll of possible GOP candidates for president in 2012. 1. Huckabee. 2....

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MONDAY, DEC. 13, 2010

MONDAY, NOV. 29, 2010

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 24, 2010

Thanksgiving through a partisan lens 24 

Hey, if "Dancing with the Stars" can be political, why not Thanksgiving!“Across the political spectrum, there’s a tendency to grab a hold of some historical incident and yoke it to a current agenda,” he said. “It doesn’t always mean there’s no connection, but often things...

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TUESDAY, NOV. 23, 2010

MONDAY, NOV. 15, 2010

TUESDAY, NOV. 9, 2010

MONDAY, NOV. 8, 2010

TUESDAY, NOV. 2, 2010

Midterms today 76 

Put your Election Day thoughts here. Campaigning is over. Isn't the silence blissful? Just in case there are any recounts (in Washington state? C'mon!), here are the rules.

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FRIDAY, OCT. 29, 2010

2010 Election Endorsements 90 

To recap, here are the S-R endorsements. We didn't choose in every race. Uncontested races are not listed. To read the full editorials, click here. City of Spokane Proposition 1 (Children’s Initiative): No Spokane County District Court Judge, Position 6: Debra Hayes County Commissioner, District...

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TUESDAY, OCT. 26, 2010

Whoppers of Campaign 2010 10 has compiled a long list. Since Washington is a battleground state (U.S. Senate race), we've gotten to witness most of them.What do you consider to be the biggest whopper in a local, state or national race?

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MONDAY, OCT. 25, 2010

MONDAY, OCT. 18, 2010

Campaign ads 

It's always about this time that I start to have second thoughts about the First Amendment. The campaign ads are flooding the waves, and it would appear that each race pits the Devil against Beelzebub. What's your choice for worst ad in a local race?

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TUESDAY, OCT. 12, 2010

Economy and deficit 413 

You've been elected to Congress. Congrats. Which problem to address first? 1. The economy, with stimulus measures such as tax cuts and/or spending increases or something else?2. Or the deficit, with austerity measures?Wouldn't addressing No. 1 impede progress on No. 2 ... and vice-versa?Discuss.

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