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‘Transgender bathroom’ initiative won’t make Washington ballot

An initiative to overturn a state rule allowing transgender people to use public facilities based on gender identity will not make the November ballot.

Transgender bathroom initiative dead

Initiative 1515 does not have enough signatures to make the November ballot, sponsors tell state elections officials.

Two challenging Mary Dye in race for state House

Two Republicans and a self-proclaimed Berniecrat are hoping to land a spot respresending southwestern Washington in the state House. Jennifer Goulet – who calls herself a Berniecrat because of her support of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders – is vying for a seat in the historically Republican 9th Legislative District, a sprawling, rural area in the state’s southeast corner covering Adams, Asotin, Franklin, Garfield, and Whitman counties, and southern Spokane County.

Gun control measure has 330,000 signatures, supporters say

Supporters of Initiative 1491 turned in their first batch of signed petitions Thursday, saying that by Friday afternoon they will submit a total of 330,000 signatures.

Editorial: McLaughlin and Mumm for County Commission

Mumm and McLaughlin are more experienced and pragmatic than Kerns. We would like to see them advance to the general election.

Washington’s 6th District draws five challengers to succeed Rep. Kevin Parker

Five candidates have filed to succeed Kevin Parker, a popular Republican lawmaker who announced in May he would not seek his fifth term in the House of Representatives. The field includes three Republicans, an independent and a Democrat seeking to be the first left-leaning lawmaker elected in the district since 2008.

Minimum wage, gun control and transgender bathroom rules among initiatives that could make ballot

From wages to guns to restroom access, ballot measure topics for voter cover a wide spectrum of issues in Washington this year. To have a chance of making the ballot, signatures on petitions must be turned in by week’s end.

Timm Ormsby faces two challengers for House seat

Opponents of state Rep. Timm Ormsby in the Aug. 2 Washington primary say it’s time for the incumbent to go. “He’s been there long enough,” said Republican Laura Carder. “I think he is taking the voters way too much for granted.”

Verner, Upthegrove top lands commissioner field

Community outreach and internal communication were not Goldmark’s strengths. DNR has been beat up over the recent wildfire seasons, and morale is low. Fresh leadership is on the way, but shoring up the agency won’t be easy.

Socialist Workers Party among alternatives for president on Washington ballot

For Washington voters unhappy with their presidential choices from the two major parties, there will be other options.

Crowded lands commissioner field wants to take on wildfire preparedness

Seven candidates are vying for the position of Washington’s public lands commissioner. It’s the top job at the state Department of Natural Resources, which manages 5.6 million acres of state lands.

Bill Bryant faces major obstacles in bid to replace Washington Gov. Jay Inslee

The differences and disparities in the race between incumbent Gov. Jay Inslee and chief Republican challenger Bill Bryant were crystal clear over a 24-hour period on the last weekend of June, when each held a major campaign event at a convention center in Western Washington. In downtown Seattle on the evening of June 24, streets were blocked, parking was challenging and traffic was worse than usual, as some 3,000 people made their way to a fundraising dinner that featured President Barack Obama and Inslee. Their images were projected on giant monitors for well-dressed donors at tables far enough from the stage to be almost in the next ZIP code.

Hobbs is best choice for lieutenant governor

Hobbs has a record of leadership and impartiality, and he has the most balanced support, with labor and business backing. He has earned our endorsement.

Candidates for Washington governor on the issues

GoodspaceguyBill HirtMary MartinSteve RubensteinJohnathan DoddsPatrick O’RourkeChristian JoubertJames Robert DealJay InsleeBill BryantDo you support a carbon emissions tax like the one proposed in Initiative 732? Why or why not?No. Life on earth is carbon based and CO2 is really, really good for plants.No. Carbon tax is a fraud and we get 70 percent of our power from hydro.No, all the taxes are regressive and shift the economic burden of capitalism onto workers.No. Believes in global warming thinks tax should be revenue neutral and doesn’t think this one will be.No, state shouldn’t tax a company because it puts out carbon. Thinks initiative is poorly written.Yes. Also wants organic systems to take carbon from the atmosphere.Some tax on carbon makes sense but a better idea is to stop drilling and put money into renewables.State must lead on climate change but this measure would have a net loss in state revenue and an unacceptable fiscal impact on education and other priorities. No. It’s an untested and unpredictable source of funding that will have a negative impact on jobs with minimal improvements to carbon emissions.Would you support replacing the business and occupation tax on gross receipts with another tax? If so, what tax?Yes. would reduce overall tax burden and consider a “head tax” everyone pays.No strong opinion either way.Debates around this have nothing to do with what the working class is facing.B& O tax is goofy. Would phase it out in favor of corporate and individual income tax and a simpler system overallNo. Some people complain about it but it’s better than other states’ systems.Yes. would replace with a speculation tax on the financial world and toxicity tax on industries that damage the environment.Favors a constitutional amendment with an income tax on the top 10 percent, and bringing the sales and B&O tax down as the income tax revenue goes up.The tax is problematic but there’s no obvious replacement with significant support. Should be part of larger discussion on modernizing tax system.It hits small business hard, particularly in communities like Spokane where almost 65% of employers have 4 employees or fewer. I would be open to considering alternatives.Do you agree with the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision that the state has not properly funded public schools? If so, how would you pay for changes in 2017-19?No. 50 percent budget already goes to education and that’s way too much.Doesn’t think the Supreme Court can dictate to the Legislature what to do.Education is a class-divided question. The state under capitalism is not interested in real education.Yes. Implement a capital gains tax and income tax to change the most regressive tax system and diversify it before the next recession.Yes. Don’t need more revenue. If the budget was audited, the state would find all the money it needs. Yes. If the system is restructure to promote home schooling, the speculation tax and toxicity tax would provide more than enough money for teacher raises.Yes. State needs a new tax source but the poor and the middle class can’t pay more. Any new tax should go first to education.State has already made bipartisan improvements to education but has more to do. Tough choices include not relying on local levies to fund basic education, boosting teacher pay and smaller class sizes.Calls inequities between rich and poor school districts morally wrong and unconstitutional, but calls for more leadership. Will propose a plan that ensures equal funding for every student, regardless of where they live and restructures high school.Do you support the Human Rights Commission’s rule that allows transgender people to use public facilities based on their gender identity?They should be able to use whichever facility they identify with.No. Thinks that’s an insult.Ambivalent. Defends the right of people to free of harassment but believes parents are deeply concerned about predators.Yes. Although parents worry about their children and predators, doubts people will go through process of becoming transgender just to walk into the restroom of another sex.Believes state should encourage businesses to just build third bathrooms for transgender people.Yes, although the best solution would be a third bathroom option.Yes. They’ve been doing it for years without problems. It’s a non-issue.Yes. State has always been a leader in fight against discrimination and can’t go backwards now.Commission overstepped its authority. Transgender people and children using restrooms both should be treated with dignity and that’s the responsibility of the Legislature to develop in an open process.Do you believe the state minimum wage should be raised, and if so by how much?No. The minimum wage makes it difficult for people to get work and should be abolished.No. It’s good at the current level.The national minimum wage needs to go to $15 an hour, but workers need unions to negotiate contracts with higher wages.Yes. Supports $13.50 an hour by 2020, but would also support a little higher, a little faster.It should be raised, but on a sliding scale based on a company’s revenue because smaller businesses can’t afford $15 an hour.Yes. At least $15 an hour or more.Yes, phased in to $15 over 5 years.Yes. Supports initiative to raise to $13.50 by 2020 and ensure paid sick leave for every worker.Supported increases in SeaTac and King County, but doesn’t support one-size-fits all increase for entire state because it could cut workers’ hours or benefits and could raise prices.Note: Candidate David Blomstrom declined to participate.

Editorial: Vehrs for legislative District 6

In a relatively conservative district, she won’t survive as lockstep liberal, so our hope is that she gravitates to the center. Nonetheless, she is the most pragmatic, knowledgable candidate and gets our endorsement

Owen, Habib trade letters, jabs over lt. gov. race

Lt. Gov. Brad Owen says Sen. Cyrus Habib may be too partisan to replace him. Habib says he wants to office to be more active.

Longtime Lt. Gov. Brad Owen slams one of the candidates hoping to succeed him

Retiring Lt. Gov. Brad Owen criticizes fellow Democrat Sen. Cyrus Habib, one of 11 candidates seeking to replace him.

Timm Ormsby the easy pick in 3rd District

This district, one of the poorest in the state, has been a longtime Democratic stronghold, and Republicans have struggled to field a strong candidate. This year is no different, with incumbent Rep. Timm Ormsby facing weak opposition.

Republicans counter Obama visit with Tacoma rally for Bryant, candidate for governor

Former Gov. Dan Evans urges Republicans to unite behind Bill Bryant for governor.

President Obama to Washington Democrats: Stay involved

SEATTLE – Campaigning for Gov. Jay Inslee and other Washington Democrats, President Barack Obama said the election is “too important to stay home.”