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Something’s Rotten In The State Of Punk Music

Compiled By Staff Writer Dan Web

They may be older, but The Sex Pistols haven’t cleaned up their act any. Not only will their music be raw, but the seminal punk-rock band’s manners are worse than ever.

Formed 21 years ago, the band was more notorious than successful, and it broke up amid drug use, conflict and money problems. But now, with lead singer John Lydon - aka Johnny Rotten - back, the Pistols are set to tour.

“We have found a common cause, and it’s your money,” Rotten said in a press conference on Monday.

As for the band’s most famous member, bassist Sid Vicious who died in 1979 of a drug overdose, Rotten and his mates…well, they aren’t a bit sad about Sid.

“Sid was nothing more than a coat hanger to fill an empty space on the stage,” Rotten said.

Loose talk

Roseanne, making an off-camera comment on the set of the cable show “Policitally Incorrect”: “I’m so glad that O.J. got off. Now I can go and kill Tom Arnold and get away with it.”

Are we sure he isn’t 007 years old?

Timothy Dalton turns 50 today.

That’s right (see left) we wrote about something Rotten

Everybody picks on the media. At a Habitat for Humanities work site in Bridgeport, Conn., on Monday, actor Paul Newman took time out from wielding a saw to express amazement that the job was being witnessed by reporters. “The press does have a tendency to focus on the rotten things that are happening,” Newman said, “and it’s nice that they’re here for this.”

And, of course, there’s always that O.J. mug

Proving Paul Newman right (see above item), we’d like to announce the April publication of the book “Famous Mugs,” which features celebrity police photos and arrest reports. Included: Brett Butler with a black eye, getting booked for a drunk driving charge; Jodie Foster, arrested in 1983 for cocaine possession; Tim Allen, also for dealing coke; Nick Nolte for reckless driving; Brian DePalma for stealing a motorcycle in 1963; and Farrah Fawcett, twice arrested in 1970 for shoplifting.

Courting anorexia seems to work, too

So how does actress Lea Thompson (“Caroline in the City”) stay so slim, especially considering the fact that she gained 55 pounds while pregnant with her second child, Zoey? She walks a mile and a half, three times a week, while pushing 25-pound Zoey in her stroller. “It’s a killer walk,” Thompson told Fitness magazine. “That’s how I really stay fit, because it’s up and down hills.”

Now he’ll have to break into his piggy bank

Those late-night guys Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O’Brien aren’t the only ones tuned in to the current political races. “After devastating losses in this week’s Super Tuesday primaries, a humiliated Steve Forbes has dropped out of the presidential race,” said “Saturday Night Live” cast member Norm MacDonald. “Reportedly, Forbes was so despondent he was overheard saying, ‘I feel like a million bucks.”’

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