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The Call On Saturday Is Show Me The Wayans

Compiled By Staff Writer Dan Web

Damon Wayans is no fan of Saturday morning television.

Check that. The comedy actor (“In Living Color”) likes it well enough, he just doesn’t like what Warner Bros. is doing to his own Saturday show, “Waynehead.”

Warner cancelled it.

“I was told it wasn’t black enough, or funny enough,” Wayans told TV Guide magazine. “If this show isn’t black enough, what do they want? Something in ebonics?”

Not exactly. But something that more people wanted to watch would be nice.

“We certainly weren’t looking for a show in ebonics,” Warner spokesman Brad Turrell responded. “The program was an attempt to offer more diversity on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the ratings didn’t grow.”

Loose talk

Oscar-winner Frances McDormand on her preference for working on low-budget films and the effect that has on her agent (in the Kansas City Star): “My agent knows what I want to do professionally. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be my agent.”

He was a big fan of Roberto Duran, Duran

Roger Taylor turns 37 today.

As a joke, the comment was a Nair miss

One of the questions posed to country singer Diane Carter at the recent Academy of Country Music Awards seemed just a tad inappropriate. Turns out it was just a variation on her hit song, which is titled “Did I Shave My Legs for This?” Carter’s response: “I’m a waxer now.”

That’s no UFO, that’s just that alien Bono

The fear was that UFOs were invading Las Vegas. But it was just the rock quartet U2. According to USA Today, police raced to Sam Boyd stadium to investigate complaints only to discover the group setting up a stage with a light show that includes 18 beams shooting two miles into the sky.

Her response: You just don’t get it, do you?

We’re only four days from the coming-out episode of “Ellen.” But Laura Dern, who plays Ellen Degeneres’ love object in the show, is already getting some cool reactions. “It’s shocking, the responses I got from people supposedly cool with homosexuality,” Dern told Entertainment Weekly. “You know, like ‘I don’t judge it, but don’t you think America is going to think you guys are lovers?”’

Hi, his name is Dick and he’s a sex addict

In what represents perhaps a last-ditch effort to reconcile with his wife, former White House adviser Dick Morris has entered a 12-step program for sexual addiction. He told the Washington Post that a reconciliation with estranged wife Eileen McGann is “something I fervently want, and I’m optimistic. If we have anything to announce, we will do so in the future.”

The jury deliberated less than four hours this time

Finally, in further Marcia Clark news. “Entertainment Tonight” reports that her television series, “LadyLaw,” has been pulled from the schedule - which is interesting because it hadn’t even debuted.

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