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Lacing ’em up for a virtual ice age

The Slice asked who has the oldest in-use ice skates.

Liberty Lakes’s Tom Brattebo had an answer.

“My wife, Bette, got new skates for the Winter Carnival in Woodsville, New Hampshire, in 1960. Whenever the ice thickens on Liberty Lake, you will find Bette and her skates out there celebrating winter.”

Gloves vs. mittens: “My preferred hand gear is gloves inside mittens,” wrote Steve Wilder.

Spending this part of the year in Arizona is another option.

Just wondering: If everyone at your workplace suddenly found out how much money everybody else made, how would your colleagues react?

A) Ho hum. No big surprises. B) Torches and pitchforks. C) Some people would immediately start looking for another job. D) A significant segment of the workforce would be furious. E) There would be a few hurt feelings. F) Other.

How those who never ride the bus become experts on what bus riders are like: One reader, who said he has a bus stop in front of his house, said it’s a result of years spent picking up their litter.

Sherri Hyams guessed it probably stems from what nonriders see when passing by the bus plaza downtown.

And Phil Mulligan speculated that those who stereotype bus riders are “the sort of folk who like looking down on people who can’t do them any harm, and judging them harshly.”

When pets tell you what they want: “My grandchildren at last got a shelter kitty after years of asking,” wrote Tina Wynecoop.

The new pet, Olive, is 6 months old and uses a cat door to go from the laundry room to the garage to access her food and litter box. But the other night that pet door was stuck. It would not open.

So Olive explained the situation to Tina.

“She came over to me, stood at my feet, led me out of the kitchen to the closed door and stared at it. I figured it out, and she was able to go where she needed to be.”

Today’s Slice question: How many Slice readers besides Lonnie Scott attended the Seattle Seahawks’ second-ever preseason game, played at Joe Albi Stadium on Aug. 7, 1976?

They lost to the Chicago Bears.

Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; email A reader who asked that I not use his name said he isn’t a typical Inland Northwest resident because he is not a smoker, not a hunter, not a fisherman, has no pets, has no kids, has no pickup truck, is a Democrat and roots for the Huskies.