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Star Wars inspires creativity in the cannabis world

Danny Fitzgerald of Staten Island poses in a Darth Vader costume in front of Loews Astor Plaza movie theater in Times Square in New York, May 25, 1983, where fans are lined up for the premiere of "The Return of the Jedi," the third in a series of the "Star Wars" saga. (Dave Pickoff / AP Photo)
Kate A. Miner EVERCANNABIS Correspondent
“Star Wars,” just in case you’ve been living in another galaxy, is an epic space opera created by George Lucas. The first film premiered in 1977 and it has become a cult classic plus one of the most financially successful film and marketing franchises. This month, the ninth installment, “The Rise of Skywalker,” is expected to wrap up the saga we’ve come to know and love. But the “Star Wars” phenomenon isn’t going anywhere, including its welcome place in cannabis culture. What’s the appeal? Ask 10 cannabis consumers and you’ll get 10 different answers, “It’s cool,” “It’s a popular story that everyone knows and loves,” “Every time I smoke, I think of going to a galaxy, far, far away…” Since “Star Wars” came out 40 years ago, there have been many strains named in reference to the movie. Most older strains have OG in the name, a reference that many were crossed with Ocean Grown Kush, a particularly potent strain that originated in Afghanistan. As cannabis has became more mainstream and a legal commodity in more states, some classic names had to be modified due to extra scrutiny from owners Lucasfilm and Disney, both are known for swift action against trademark infringement. In some cases, this has led to variations in spelling or clever puns about “The Dank Side.” So, whether you’re with the Rebel Alliance or the Imperials, roll through your day like BB8, or howl like Chewie, you may want to check out some of these prominent “Star Wars” strains. Starwarz An indica-dominant hybrid founded by Holland-based Magus Genetics is a cross of Sensi Star and Warlock strains. Variations include Death Star, Darth Vader OG, Skywalker OG and Yoda OG. Darkside OG A heavy-hitting kush that asks you to give into the dark side of your eyelids and a longing for your couch. Death Star This potent cross of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel is an indica-dominant hybrid known for high levels of THC. It’s recommended for evening and nighttime use – you know, when the stars are out. Darth Vadar A strong indica strain with powerful effects, providing complete body relaxation and sleepiness. Ideal for managing insomnia, or gaining strength. Pink Death Star This bud offers a complex terpene profile, with notes of cardamom, fennel, ginger, and pepper, and offers a naturally high THC percentage. Known for its body-melting sedation. R2-D2 Kush An indica-dominant hybrid strain, with a lemony pine scent. C-3PO A sativa-dominant hybrid strain cultivated in Humboldt County, Calif., also with a fresh pine scent, is known to deliver relaxing effects with mental clarity due to high CBD content. BB8 An indica variety from Lost River Seeds is part of a Star Wars Genetics series. Plants produce purple and pink flowers with strong berry aromas. Skywalker A 50/50 hybrid strain with a fruity aroma and a notably mellow, indica-style high. It can sometimes leave a user feeling lazy or sleepy. Skywalker OG Kush An indica-dominant strain with hybrid effects can make you feel like you’re in Cloud City. Blazin’ Skywalker Small batch handcrafted edibles made from homegrown hydroponics. Skywalker Alien An indica-dominant hybrid strain inherits a staggering THC content from its parent strains. Sour Skywalker This rare hybrid offers a sour citrus burst like sour candy and is known to produce a sour pucker feeling. OG-1 Kenobi A dark, dank indica strain with relaxing physical effects that may include relief from pain while dulling nausea, anxiety, and stress. Master Jedi This indica promotes full-body relaxation and sensations known to bring peace to both mind and body. Master Yoda Also known as Yoda OG, is a cross between OG Kush and Master Kush, this indica-dominant hybrid has enough sativa buzz to inspire anyone to do, not try. Jedi Kush A pure indica strain, with a 2% CBD count and THC levels between 19-25%. These Jedi-buds are spade-shaped, with orange and purple undertones. It’s known for peaceful and harmonious effects. Red Eye Jedi This sativa-dominant hybrid concentrate is a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush that provides an incredibly potent buzz. Woody and sweet, it’s grown by Spokane’s Billows of Haze. Lightsaber An indica dominant hybrid strain that may offer a euphoric feeling to cut through mental aches, chronic pain, depression, mood swings, nausea, and fatigue. Jawa It won’t give you yellow eyes or capture droids, but this indica-dominant strain is believed to relieve anxiety and provide an uplifting and creative high. Chewbacca A rare indica-dominant hybrid, known to deliver euphoria and calmness to the mind, also used to treat chronic pain and poor appetite. Ewok An indica-dominant hybrid identified by short, furry red hairs that’s for its calming and energetic body high. It’s said to be ideal for dealing with inflammation, chronic pain, and ADD/ADHD. Hans Solo OG A fruity, sativa-dominant hybrid with cerebral effects, it’s often used by patients seeking symptomatic relief associated to conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, migraines, nausea, and PMS. Princess Leia A potent sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Terrapin Care Station that has a tropical fruit flavor, and provides a strong cerebral high, with euphoric boosts of creative, motivating happiness.
Kate A. Miner has a degree in visual anthropology, and has worked in marketing and advertising for many years. She writes, takes photos and teaches yoga.