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Resonant Botanicals provides pain relief

By Kate A. Miner EVERCANNABIS Correspondent

Resonant Botanicals, located on Whidbey Island, was founded with love and a passion for using the best plant and organic ingredients available in order to promote pain relief, including hemp oil extract high in CBD.

Owner and founder Michael Yocco started Resonant Botanicals over three years ago and today products are available online and have been shipped to the U.S., Canada and 27 countries. He has a degree in biochemistry from Akron University in Ohio, and previously worked in the skincare industry for over 18 years. But this wasn’t his motivation for starting Resonant.

His paternal grandmother and great-grandmother were herbalists, so he grew up with their natural remedies along with a genuine fascination for how the body works. He studied biochemistry and earned a master’s degree from Ohio State University. Other family members also were influential.

“I developed these products for my mother and daughter. They were formulated in love and science,” Yocco said.

His passion for providing pain relief began about five years ago during a trip to visit his mother.

Five years ago during a visit to his mother’s, he heard her crying one night because of her rheumatoid arthritis. The deep agonizing pain kept her awake all night. Yocco was determined to help.

Yocco started experimenting. He learned about CBD 10 years ago while working in customer service for a skin care company. He eventually joined the Hemp Industry Association and served on its cannabinoid committee, which performed testing for topical efficacy and made recommendations to the DEA.

He also continued to research formulas to help his mom get a good night’s sleep. Her arthritis was in the hips, so he needed to find something that would go deep into the acetabulum, or hip socket.

His first successful product was Painless (which he still sells) as a reasonably priced all-natural pain reliever “to ease stiff, aching joints and chronic pain.

Yocco later developed Painless-X, available at a slightly higher price point, which is said to be, “superior to anything else on the market for relieving chronic pain.”

His mother was later diagnosed with neuropathy in her feet. Yocco created Neuro-Soothe, developed to create lasting, effective relief from symptoms associated with neuropathy, fibromyalgia and dystonia.

His newest product, Royal, combines these products, and contains 1,000mg of CBD hemp oil extract.

Although CBD is a key ingredient in the Resonant Botanical line, it’s important to note that these self-care products are backed by some serious science. Using CBD as an activator, Yocco has discovered a way to simulate metabolic pathways that create effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits.

“We strive to create products that deliver lasting results, and we produce our line of products in small batches so that we can ensure the quality and authenticity,” he said. “We love sharing our knowledge about ingredients so that our customers can feel confident in their purchases, which is why all our products have a 100% money back guarantee.”

Yucco said our bodies contain an arachidonic acid pathway. Arachidonic acid is the chemical messenger first released by muscles during weight training, controlling the core physiological response to exercise. Whenever you have tissue injury, inflammation is involved in healing the wound. CBD gives you a boost, creating a ‘healing pathway.’

Then there’s the endocannabinoid system, a biological system composed of neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors. Our body’s cannabinoid system includes CB1 and CB2 receptors, and CB2 is stimulated by CBD.

CBD is a partial agonist, a chemical that binds to a receptor and activates the receptor to produce a biological response. Additional compounds that act as full agonists for CB2, such as Copaiba Balsam, an essential oil from South America, are used by Resonant Botanicals to enhance and influence.

“I believe one of the key factors to the success of Resonant Botanicals has been an awareness that CBD is an important part of our formulation,” Yocco said. “Combining it with the proper supporting cast of ingredients maximizes the efficacy of our products.”

CBD is not listed as an ingredient in Resonant Botanicals products because CBD is, in part, federally regulated, but they do contain hemp oil extract, which has an unspecified amount of CBD. Plus, Yocco sees hemp oil as a powerful extract that interacts with certain cells in your body. It helps calm the nerves, and relieves stress, anxiety, neuropathy, and tremors. It also helps the body to lower inflammation and relieves pain, making it a great alternative to common pain relief methods.

“I have always been open to incorporate methods from different disciplines,” he said. “In addition to the amazing healing powers of hemp, our products employ elements of western herbalism, Chinese herbalism, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture as well as healing frequencies.”

Kate A. Miner has a degree in visual anthropology, and has worked in marketing and advertising for many years. She writes, takes photos and teaches yoga.