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SummaForte designed to help game strain

CBD products designed especially for gamers/eSports players

Rob Mejia EVERCANNABIS Correspondent

In the CBD market, we have seen products that range from serious to novel. But would you be surprised to learn that there is a major untapped market for CBD products for gamers and eSports players?

Given that the audience for competitive video games stood at 335 million in 2017 and is expected to double within a six-year period, it is no wonder that entrepreneurs are attracted to the market.

It is this kind of growth and potential that caught the eye of Jeff Thinnes (pronounced T-Nez) and his son, Murtagh. As with many CBD entrepreneurs, Jeff took notice of the great enthusiasm that his family, friends, and neighbors had when talking about how they used CBD products to enhance their health.

But it was Murtagh who had the “a-ha” moment, suggesting that they research and develop CBD products specifically for the rapidly expanding gamer market. The duo recently launched a CBD products company called SummaForte (Latin for “top strength” or “highest ability”)

For those who aren’t gaming enthusiasts, esports combines pop culture, competitive play, live streaming, and a direct connection to other players and teams. There are even popular gaming-specific platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Some esport organizations like FaZe Clan have received investments in the millions, and they’re smartly developing their brands through character names and merchandise. In a word, gaming has become mainstream.

There are even several competitive esport leagues in colleges. An eye-popping 175 colleges and universities are members of NACE (National Association of Collegiate Esports). These schools even have coaches and offer partial or full-ride scholarships!

The most popular games are titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Fortnite and Call of Duty. Not surprisingly, when it comes to gamer demographics, males dominate the sport making up nearly 60% of the market and most range between the ages of 18 and 34. Gamers are even considered celebrities with the top stars coining their own nicknames like Faker, Rookie, and Uzi, and boast tournament winnings that can surpass a million dollars a year.

Against this stunning background, Jeff and his team at SummaForte began to develop a plan. First, they researched the gamer market and found that this audience has specific physical challenges. Some of the physical and mental challenges his audience faces are slouching and neck pain, arm, finger and wrist discomfort, eye strain, and mental fatigue.

From this revealing research, the commitment was made to develop science-driven premium CBD products offered under an authentic, appealing brand. SummaForte put together a board with cutting- edge doctors, scientists, and researchers to decide which products would be most effective, putting the products through rigorous tests. Then, they sourced the best raw materials and created their initial line of two unique CBD products, namely SummaTape and SummaMix.

SummaTape is similar to the colored kinesiology tape that athletes such as basketball and tennis players wear on their shoulders and knees to lend support and help them limit injuries; you can think of it as a modern Ace bandage. But one key difference is that each 20-foot roll of SummaTape is infused with a healthy dose of CBD.

Additionally, they offer two tape strip sizes – slim and standard – both of which are pre-cut to facilitate easy use on various areas of the body in pain. However, it’s especially effective for gamers when applying the slimmer strips atop the fingers and the standard strips on the wrists, shoulders and upper back. It works like a transdermal patch. As a gamer clicks away their body receives a steady supply of CBD.

SummaMix, on the other hand, is a specially formulated powdered mix designed to interact with the body in 15 minutes. It helps the gamer hydrate, focus and relax while enhancing eye and cognitive health. Each stick pack delivers an individual dose of 25 milligrams of CBD – which, through a patented treatment process, achieves faster onset and bioavailability equivalent to 75-100mg. You can purchase these products at

Given the market size and growth of the gamer industry it is no surprise that we are seeing products tailored to this demographic. With two new premium products designed to specifically help gamers, SummaForte is on a promising path. And (shhhhhh) they are bringing more exciting products to the market in the future.